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Why do I blog? It’s a long story…

why do i blog

Some days we wake up wondering what the hell we are doing? Don’t you have those days!

I mean, every day I wake up and blog. Or at least do a lot of things associated with blogging (not sure if that includes the 3 lattes a day I have?). And sometimes I wonder to myself quietly (or even aloud – I am home alone).

What the hell am I doing?!!

Don’t get me wrong. I love blogging. I enjoy the process. You know – imagine, think, create, check, publish, promote, interact…. And I really appreciate what it has done for me over the last 6 months. Some of you may know what I am talking about? Most of you probably not. Let me explain.

A tale of woe

skiingEarlier this year I was happily skiing away in the Swiss Alps with my best friend. I know I am lucky. Actually I live here, so it’s not really luck, it’s design. But that is another story. Back to the point. It was a blue sky day, the powder snow was deep (yes we love to frolic in the snow – deep snow) and we were having a great time. Except for the avalanche danger (we noticed a few massive cracks in the snow and some slabs of snow that had gone downhill fast) we were having a ball.

At the end of a long day’s skiing, we headed down to a bar for some coffee before the drive home. It was a cosy swiss alpine bar, but we didn’t linger long as we still had a way to go. Back at the skis we discussed our best way back to the car. I was tired (as I always am after deep snow skiing) and wanted to just take the lift down. My friend pointed out it was not possible as the car was across the hill and we had to ski. Discussion closed.

We headed downhill towards the car, dodging the beginners, taking it slowly in the less than awesome snow (always at the bottom of the mountain). Three minutes into the descent, I hit some ice (I think) and fell, kind of in slow motion. You know how it goes – noooooooooooooooo. Anyway, as I fell, I felt something strange. Something not so “good”. I slid towards the trees, luckily not hitting any of them. I then came to a stop and tried to stand. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes, lots of pain. I knew I had broken my leg. Somehow. Just through a small fall. Sometimes luck is on your side – today it was not on my side.

The rest is history: Ski rescue service. Ambulance rides. Doctors and surgeons. 8 hours of surgery to put “humpty dumpty” together again (my leg was shattered into 37 pieces – you should see the picture). 2 weeks in hospital before I could use crutches and leave. Then months at home recovering.

So what is the point of all this? No I am not looking for sympathy (I was, but I gave up on that – it was boring and pointless). I want to tell you a little side story. Let’s continue. While I was sitting at home, I decided to start blogging. I had been reading all about it (seo, social media, content marketing etc) before the accident and I was really intrigued. Plus I had written an online tool I wanted to market and had no idea how to go about it.

So while sitting at home, with my leg up in the air (ah, those were the days!), I turned on my computer and created – Mad Lemmings. I started blogging, and never looked back. You could say breaking my leg was a very positive experience. Even if you can’t say that, I can tell you the whole process was interesting – and continues today. Actually it continues until next Feb. I might ski again, if my brain allows it. My leg will be fine by then I am told. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but it’s getting there.

Can I look at myself in the mirror?

Many see blogging as self-indulgent, or pointless. Some even think it’s a waste of time. Occasionally people ask me what it is (my physio just asked me that yesterday as she was torturing me – don’t get me wrong she rocks). I know many of you out there also struggle to justify what it is we do. But here’s the thing. There are so many benefits. Let’s see if I can name just a few…….

Learning new skills

I had read alot about blogging when I started out, but I had zero experience. So learning is something I have done a lot of and continue to do – daily. I love it. If you are not learning, in my eyes, you are slowly dying. There is so much going on in the world, and the blogging world is no exception. In fact things have changed so much online and with marketing since the web exploded. And surprisingly, most of the world doesn’t even realise it has happened. Perhaps that is why I was asked yesterday –

What is blogging exactly?

meet-peopleMeeting new people

Ok I have not physically met anyone while blogging. But via email, chat, social media and commenting I have met some amazing people. In fact, at no point in my life have I met so many helpful and friendly people in such a short time. People I believe I could actually count on. And yes, I know I have never even “met” them in the normal sense, so most of my friends think it’s a bit odd. But….

What an amazing bunch of people you meet blogging!

Writing like Shakespeare

I don’t think many of us will claim to be the next Shakespeare? But blogging certainly hones your writing skills no matter how you look at it.

There are so many things we need to consider. So many different styles of writing. Different ways of communicating our ideas. And so much information to give to our readers in such a short space of time.

I have never written so much in my life!

Communication Skills

I know this, and writing are also “learning” but I really wanted to separate them out. One of the other main things I think we learn is to communicate. Yes we write a lot, but we also have to handle multiple channels of communication – social media, email, email lists, video, chat etc. Sure it is becoming part of everyday life, but we have to be great at it. We need to make a difference.

I think I will even start my own TV station!

dollar symbolMake a living

This is a tough one. And sometimes controversial, but we all need to live. And as a result we all search for different ways to make money (ad sense, affiliate marketing, ads on our site, services etc). Ok there are certainly bloggers out there who do this for fun (and it is), but if you want to go solo these are the things we stuggle with every day. What I have come to realise over the last few months is that we need to do this as part of our jobs, and not 100%. Because living from blogging means you need other work, other sources of income like consulting or selling services. And nearly all the successful bloggers know this. now we do too :>

What can you offer to the world?

Promoting your business

When I did a quick search on Google for this post for ideas, I saw a lot of benefits for business pop up. And that sure is one of the main reasons there are so many blogs out there. Content is King, and the new marketing world requires fresh content to rank sites and promote businesses. So blogging will certainly give your business a boost, and all the solo business owners I know out there I try to teach this too. But it is time consuming, so most of them still ignore it – to their detriment of course. But I understand the problem.

Use blogging to give your business a boost!

Blogging is better than Social Media!

I even stumbled across this infographic which I thought I would throw in here for fun. It shows how blogging in the long terms is a solid way to promote, stand out and make a lasting impression. It uses Facebook as an example, but I think this applies to a lot of Social Media. Tweets last minutes, G+ posts slowly fade. And even Pinterest Pins die with time. But blog posts are indexed and always online. We just need to find ways  keep them fresh and relevant.

Why do you blog?

So now you know a little bit more about me and why I blog. It really is a great world to be part of! And it is constantly changing and growing.

But what about you?

Why do you blog?

What benefits do you see each day?

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