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Is Pinterest just for Chicks?

pinterest just chicks

Pinterest is heavily female oriented – that is a fact.

The latest infographic released by Pinbooster (a leading advertising platform for Pinterest) shows that…

women currently make up 80% of all Pinterest Users

But you probably knew or suspected that right! Is that why you have been avoiding Pinterest?

What are the ladies doing on Pinterest?

So we know Pinterest has a lot of women using it, but what are they up to on Pinterest?

Some of the topics that are popular on Pinterest include:-

  • Home
  • Arts & crafts
  • Style/Fashion
  • Food
  • Inspiration/Education
  • Holidays/Seasonal
  • Humor
  • Products
  • Travel
  • Kids

Most of the above are highly visual and are more “female” oriented, so these facts also are not a huge surprise.

In fact, if you go to the home page of Pinterest, you will see most of these things there.

How can you assert your masculinity on Pinterest?

With all these women on Pinterest, us males are feeling a little overwhelmed 🙂 and a bit outnumbered!

But perhaps we do things a little bit differently?

According to Convince and Convert

Women Use Pinterest as a Wish List…..Men Use Pinterest as a Shopping Cart

What they mean is that women tend to pin things that interest them and might like in the future or, as a collection of ideas.

Men are more literal and pin exactly what they want or have.

How can men use Pinterest?pinterest darts

Although men are often not interested in many of the topics on Pinterest, there are plenty of visual things we care about.

So if we are not going to post about handbags or the latest home decoration craze, what sort of things can we use Pinterest for?


We may not all cook (although many chefs are male) but we can check out some awesome food and plan future meals! Even if we aren’t cooking. Perhaps you can even find restaurants to go to via their images.


And of course we buy products so why not find the latest cool gadget or create a wishlist for your birthday or Christmas (hey it’s October already!).


There is a lot of visual humour out there, so finding funny photos or quotes is a great way to use Pinterest. We could all use some time off work! even just mentally.


Many of us love to travel or aspire to, so why not make a wishlist of places to go, or travel images you love. Pinterest will serve you well here.

And The Rest

The above are just a few ideas, and perhaps a lot of you reading this are into many of those supposedly female only topics anyway, so go Pin crazy!

If you need some more ideas, Bit Rebels have a fun Infographic on ways men can use Pinterest, just to give you a few more ideas.


we can blog itPinterest for the Non-Visual Blogger

Many of you reading this may be male, or even female and thinking – my niche is not very visual! I don’t blog about clothes, furniture or travel.

So how can I use Pinterest? (aka, leave me alone on Twitter where I am happy)

I was asking myself the same question over the last couple of months, but then I did a little research.

I found that although Pinterest is highly visual there are ways we as Bloggers/Marketers can make use of it.




Infographics are huge on Pinterest – they are entirely visual and long/portait format (the best Pinterest images are like this). So they are obviously very popular.

Incorporate or create Infographics occasionally on your blog and share them on Pinterest – you will get a lot of repins I can tell you.


Create Pinterest Friendly Images

As Bloggers we can also make great header images including our post titles to make them more pinnable. It really makes a huge difference.

If you need some tips on what kind of images work on Pinterest, take a look at this post on Hubspot.

Also make sure you have a pin it button on your site and even better – on your images. That way people can pin your posts directly from the image they like.


Pinterest is heavily female and product-oriented, but that does not mean you should stay away.

As a male or a blogger, there are many ways you can use Pinterest for personal or business purposes.

Sign up today and join me on Pinterest, I am already seeing my repins and shares increase! Don’t be left behind….


Photo Credit: Bogdan Suditu, estheraseMike Licht, via Compfight cc


Are you using Pinterest? If so how? If not why not?

Let me know in the comments below.

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