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5 Pro Tips for Pin-worthy Blog Images

5 tips images pin worthy

1. Pinterest – Perfect Image Size

Pinterest is a very visual place, and you really need to know what works.

Your Pinterest Images need to be long if possible. Pinterest recommends

600×600 pixels

However, longer images can dominate the pin boards.

So for your blog header/main image make it as long as possible.

If you are adding other images, like infographics, obviously longer is better (and possible!).

2. Pinterest – Amazing Image Choice

As many of your know I am a big fan of awesome images.image choice

I don’t just pick the first image I find for my posts, as I know they have impact.

I spend a lot of time searching for the right image to fit the post and really make an impact.

To do this I use a variety of image search tools like Comp Fight and PhotoPin (both search Flickr Create Commons).

Note: Make sure you check the license (can you alter the time?) and credit the photographer.

If you want even more options for free images, I have a more detailed post on this exact topic.

3. Pinterest – Enticing Image Text Content

Image text for blog images is very important.

The text provides a summary of your post on the pin.

Although pins come with descriptions, it is the image people see first.

So capture their imagination with your blog headline (or a variant of it).

Make it catchy. Entice them to click.

Make it mysterious, so they really want to click.

Or perhaps make it provocative so they get angry and click!

Either way it’s all about the headline!

If you are after some headlines tips try this headline guru’s site:-

Peter Sandeen’s 101 Headline Formulas

4. Pinterest – Outstanding Image Text Fonts

funky fontAs a blogger our images cannot compete with enticing products, or alluring beaches. However, with some stylish fonts you can make your image look professional and stand out.

So when you are adding your catchy headline text to the image, keep that in mind.

Basically, choose some non-standard, funky fonts.

Here is an extremely detailed guest post I did on Blogging Wizard on this exact topic.

Perhaps even add two contrasting fonts, alternating each as you break up the text into lines or throughout the image.

Here are some overly crazy examples to get you inspired.

5. Pinterest – Superb Contrasting Colors

So you have an awesome headline with some funky fonts on a spectacular image.

You are all set right?

Well, almost.

Make sure your text can be read – as it needs to be clearly and quickly scanned by users on Pinterest.

  • Check that your text colors stand out against the background.
  • Ensure the text is legible.
  • Add a background opaque box if you need some extra contrast for the text.

As you look around the boards on Pinterest you will see what works and what doesn’t.


Getting noticed on Pinterest is not easy, but you can help yourself with these simple tips.

  • Make your images long
  • Choose a spectacular image
  • Add a great headline
  • And some funky fonts
  • Make sure the text is readable

Of course you need a Pin it button on your site too.

If you don’t have one yet take a look at this great option.

Please Pin this post if you enjoyed it!

You can hover on any image and you will get a Pin It Button!!


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