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Pinterest Pin It Button for Images on WordPress

Pinterest Pin It Button


I have been expanding my horizons lately, and exploring new Social Media outlets.

Twitter is my Social Media Home, and I have had some success on Google Plus, but think that I need to be more “social” on there than I am – so have not had huge success there yet.

Images and visual blogs attract me considerably more than dull ones, so Pinterest is perhaps an obvious choice for my next Social Media platform. That, and the astounding growth of Pinterest makes it attractive– this is a report from 2012, that shows the trend.

So I have been exploring Pinterest a little, trying to see how it works, how to get followers, organise my pins and so forth.

If you want to follow me on Pinterest just click this link  (the post will stay open :>).

But one things I really wanted to do, to grow my presence, was to have a Pin It button on my images.

My images are ususally quite strong and well thought out – so I figured a good place to entice people to Pin my articles (my social media buttons only get a few Pins at best).

Finding a WordPress Pinterest Pin It Button

So I started hunting for an awesome WordPress Pinterest Pin It Button.

I had seen them on other sites – and they were very sexy I must say.

You hover over the image, it goes opaque and a nice Pin It Button appears on the image.

I installed a plugin that seemed to do the job.

ok-icon_20 Pin It buttons appears on image

cross icon Images on the right of the page – Pin It button is on the left

Back to the drawing board.

Busy Busy Busy

I have been busy lately, or side-tracked depending on how you look at it!

I launched a hugely successful post about Influencers, and that took a lot of time and influencer chasing, to see if I could get some mentions.

It worked, and this week has seen the highest traffic on my blog since I started 4 months ago. And I met lots of influencers. Awesome right!

I also did my second guest post in two weeks, if you haven’t seen them, you can check them out below

  1. Making your Images Awesome on Bllogging Wizard (last week)
  2. 3 Ways to spread your posts like Wildfire on Tom Jamieson’s Blog (yesterday)

I have also been busy testing lots of different sales methods, and ways of getting peoples attention (more on that on Monday).

So yes I have been busy (or distracted).

Found a WordPress Pin It Button!

Then yesterday things were getting quieter on the blogging front. A few things went live that I had wanted to try. The posts were quietening down.

So I went back to my old friend Google and searched for a “WordPress Pinterest Pin It button” again. And guess what? I found a great WordPress plugin!!

pin it button on imageHere it is in action, on one of my posts with smaller images left and right (which was a problem for the other plugin).

The link to the Pinterest Button plugin is  – Jquery Pin It Button for Images and the features include

  • Sexy Pin It Button
  • Opaque overlay on Image when you hover
  • Pin It buttons appear consistently on the images in the top left corner
  • Pin It buttons do not appear on non-post images
  • It grabs the post title by default as the Pinterest description


More Options

Ok, so I was so excited and pleased with the results I have not really looked into tweaking the Pin It plugin.

But it certainly is possible.

You can do lots of things including:-

  • Customize which images it appears on (a little tricky, but the default is perfect)
  • Alter the background opacity when you hover
  • Choose your own image for the pin it button
  • Alter the alignment of where the button appears
  • Possibility to lock your images from download or not
  • Change the Pinterest description that is sent to Pinterest
  • Disable Pin It buttons for pages or post or even single posts
  • so much more :>

If you decide to use this and don’t like what images it appears on – give me a yell as I am a programmer and can help you solve this part (it requires Jquery/CSS selector knowledge – if this is chinese to you, then yes you need help with that). So this is the only tough part, and probably does not need changing.


If you want to expand your Pinterest following and have your posts Pinned on Pinterest, this plugin is awesome.

I see all the Pinterest cool kids using things like this.

It is also quite customizable. What more could you ask.

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Photo Credit: Furryscaly via Compfight cc

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