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Best time to Tweet – Free tools to help

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It was kinda frustrating to add all those tweets – and then, get no response!

Do you have the same problem?

Whether you are promoting a new post, someone else’s or simply asking a question – when are your followers online?

Well you could just use some trial and error or thorough experiements to find the best time to tweet, but I am assuming you (like me) don’t have the patience.

Don’t worry, someone else has done the work for you!!

The Research – Best times to tweet

According to, a link shortening service used extensively on Twitter (so they have lots of data)

For Twitter, posting in the afternoon earlier in the week is your best chance at achieving a high click count

Similarly, the highest traffic times are:

The peak traffic times for Twitter are 9am through 3pm, Monday through Thursday

*Note: both these quotes are based on US Eastern Standard Time (which is GMT-5)

The lovely girls on Birds on a Blog have also summarised similar information for a bunch of social media platforms which you should check out.

OR if you want this in sexy infographic form then this is your best bet.

The Tools – Best times to tweet

There are many Twitter tools and apps out there to analyse your account and find out the best times to tweet.

The following two are the ones that I have tried with success and they are FREE.


Tweriod is focused on the best times to tweet, so I am already a fan.

This is what they say about their service

Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet.
We analyse both your tweets and your followers’ tweets.
So you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others.

1. Creating an account is quite simple.  Simply click on the big green button to sign in with your Twitter account.

2. Once you have Tweriod open with your twitter account, you can simply let them analyse it for the best times to tweet.

3. Tweriod will then send you an email and DM (direct message) in your Twitter account – notifying you that the analysis is done

Tweriod Analysis

Tweriod has now analysed your Twitter account for the best time to tweet. What a great bunch of people!!

They do this by looking at when your followers are online.Tweriod Analysis exposure

You can check the best times in the different tabs, which are normally broken down into

  • Weekdays and Weekends
  • Mondays and Sundays (times differ from the other days)


They also show you another chart to the right of this, which shows when most of your followers are online.

There is another interested chart if you go to the tab Hourly Graphs.

Here you can see exactly how things fluctuate through the day

Tweriod Analysis hourly


Sync with Buffer

If you are not using Buffer, then you will have to take this data and work with it manually. It’s still great to know when the best times to reach your followers are, but not as cool.

If you do work with Buffer, simply press the button shown below, and the times are sent to Buffer (you will be asked to login to Buffer – via Twitter).

Tweriod sync Buffer button



Once you login to Buffer specifically, these times will now appear in the schedule tab.

Note: make sure the timezones are correct. Buffer has this setting in the schedule tab – top right. It should correspond to your Twitter account (which Tweriod uses to calculate the times).

Awesome huh. Now you have the best times to tweet setup in Buffer and you can just add tweets there.

I also added some other times I noticed I get a lot of retweets. Perhaps I just have more active users in these periods? who knows.

But keep your eye out in Buffer where they tell you in the Analysis tab what was retweeted / favourited etc. in a nice green color.

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What a name huh!! It’s catchy I guess?

Followerwonk does many things, but one of the great things they do is analyse your Twitter account for the best times to tweet.

1. First go to Followerwonk and sign in with Twitter (top right – orange button)

2. Go to the Analyze Followers tab

3. Enter your full Twitter handle – mine is @madlemmings

4. Choose from the dropdown menu – Analyze Their Followers & click Do it

Followerwonk analyse followers

The analysis results are pretty interesting.

First they show you a cool google map overlay of where your followers are. Even if you don’t need this info, drill down a bit, move around and check it out. It’s fun to know.

Further down is the good stuff, your hourly best times to tweet.

Followerwonk best times tweet


Although not as “simply” presented as Tweriod, this chart is clear in demonstrating the fluctuations in your followers activity.

Sync with Buffer

I don’t want to get on your case here, but if you are not using Buffer (or Hootsuite – then you are forgiven) then you really should consider scheduling your tweets.

Just like with Tweriod, you can also sync your buffer account with the best times to tweet from Followerwonk.

Simply choose how many times you want to tweet a day and press the big orange button (you can see it in the image above).

That’s it. Simple huh.

This video tutorial also quickly shows you how it is done.

Now you can happily add tweets to Buffer and not have to worry about them being seen!

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So now you know when the best times to tweet are right?

You can do it manually by using’s helpful research – fun but not optimal.

Or you can do a thorough analysis with Tweriod and Followerwonk and even better – import it into Buffer.

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