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How to Schedule your Tweets on Twitter – Tweetdeck, Buffer, Hootsuite, MavSocial, ViralTag

how to schedule tweetsDo you find yourself spending too much using Social Media?

What if I could give you a way to free yourself from the Social Media chains? You would jump at the chance, right?

Believe me, scheduling Tweets helps a lot. It frees up a lot of social media time. Not only that, but some of the apps can even find the best times to tweet and post.

So, are you interested? Intrigued? Still not sure?

Take a look at the options.

Apps for Scheduling Tweets

From my experience, there are three main apps out there for scheduling a Tweet or scheduling posts:-

Some of them are very specific for Tweet scheduling, some are for more than just Twitter, and others are a “jack of all trades” and do many things.

Note:The above list is not complete of course, so if you have any other favorite apps for scheduling that I have not mentioned feel free to comment below the post.


Many of you may know I am a big fan of Tweetdeck. I have their latest album, signed posters of them on my wall and…….oh hang on, it’s just a Twitter tool!! Back to reality.

One of Tweetdeck’s many great features is scheduling.

The downside, when compared to Buffer or Hootsuite is that you have to do it manually. But is that always a downside? No. Sometimes I like to set a specific time for specific tweet, rather than trust the tools.

Below is the interface, simply add your tweet, click the clock (choose a  date/time) and click tweet.


TweetDeck schedule tweet



Tweetdeck Settings And Features

Tweetdeck also offers the following settings and features which are worth noting:

  • URL Shortening via
  • Great interface for your timeline, interactions, lists, searches, chats
  • Scheduling as mentioned above
  • Only Twitter


Buffer is mainly about scheduling tweets and posts.

To quote Buffer:

It’s like your magic box you can use anytime to fill with great Tweets, Facebook stories or LinkedIn updates.

What does that mean, well let me explain.

Basically when you find something interesting you want to share across your social media accounts, you can “add it” to you Buffer. Buffer then schedules your posts according to a predefined schedule you can set. (you can always adjust an individual post).

Here is what sending to Buffer looks like

Add to Buffer App

So as you can see, you basically post something as you would to any social media account. But you can schedule it too! All you really do is:-

  • Choose the content
  • Choose the Social Media accounts
  • Choose when to share (now or buffer for later)

Buffer Integration

To get the most out of buffer, it is best to have the Chrome extension/app. Then you can add to your buffer from any web page.

The above example/image is also taken from Feedly (another Chrome extension for RSS reading I use) where Buffer is one of the social media share options.

You might also find some people offer it as a social media share option within their posts.

Buffer Settings And Features

I won’t go too much into the details of Buffer here, but the following are the features:-

  • Link Shortening (lots of options like, etc)
  • Scheduling options (set up manually or import best time from outside tools)
  • Analytics (the free account even has basic click/retweet analytics)
  • Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn


Hootsuite is one of the most popular Social Media management tools around. Yes, they have more fans than Justin Bieber!! (I just checked wiki answers and he has 60 Million+ fans!)

Why? well not only do they have a Tweetdeck like interface (see my previous post on how Tweetdeck works for more details) but great analytics (if you pay), cover most Social Media platforms and have an awesome scheduler.

Unlike Buffer, they have a new their own algorithm to determine when to best send your Tweets.

Below is an example of scheduling a Tweet in Hootsuite with either Auto scheduling (need to turn it on/off) or manual:

hootsuite scheduling


Hootsuite Settings And Features

Full discloser here: I have not used Hootsuite much, but it is a very large and fully featured application for Social Media.

The following is a rough list of features you get, to give you a comparison with Buffer and Tweetdeck:-

  • Great interface for tracking your social media activity
  • Analytics (limited for the free account)
  • Link Shortening (
  • Multiple users (great for businesses sharing accounts)
  • Manage Social Media accounts – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+  page, Foursquare and a few others
  • Auto-scheduling (Hootsuite have their own algorithm to find the best times to post – not all trust it)


MavSocial is a new contender on the Social Media Marketing tools scene. The features in this tool are quite extensive and impressive, and range from posting & scheduling  on a huge range of platforms (including video and Asian networks) but also analysis, campaigns, and an image library and tool.

And the free version gives you access to almost everything.

In terms of scheduling, they offer pretty much the same as all the rest too, as you can see in the image below

MavSocial Social Media Scheduling

MavSocial Settings And Features

Here is a list of all the features the platform has to offer, to give you an overview of what can be done.

  • Social Media Posting/Scheduling to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Youtube (and YouKu, Weibo, Renren)
  • Campaign planning and post planner
  • Social Inbox to monitor social media conversations
  • Analytics Dashboard and Reporting for all networks
  • Digital Asset Management (upload your own media or use their image library and tools)

ViralTag (Image Sharing)

I have been using ViralTag more recently because I am more focused on images with my blog posts and using Pinterest.

ViralTag is very similar to Buffer but is focused on images. If you are not sharing images, then this is not the tool for you.

But with images dominating social media right now, and standing out on Twitter you should be.

ViralTag Features

If you want a complete in-depth rundown of ViralTag I recommend you read my post here for details.

But if you want the quick run-down here it is:

  • Posting and scheduling to: Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr
  • Use images for various sources for sharing (Upload, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Dropbox)
  • Analytics not yet available, but they are working on it
  • Browser extensions to share as you browse

Other Apps for Scheduling

Here are some others I have had a quick look at, or have heard about:-

And a general massive list of Twitter Tools if you are looking for further inspiration.


So that was a lot of information, but here is a quick roundup to help you decide.


  • Great for Twitter only and people starting out with Twitter
  • Nice interface for following all aspects of Twitter
  • Allows manual scheduling


  • Great scheduling tool with analytics
  • Easy to access from inside Chrome and Feedly
  • No Google+ Integration


  • Lots of scheduling options (but an unknown algorithm)
  • Heavy Social Media User or Business
  • Happy to dig into setting up the tool
  • Want control and analytics
  • All social media accounts in one


  • Extensive social media marketing tool for small business or enterprise
  • Scheduling is not a main feature (like on Buffer), but is possible on all posts
  • Media management (images, audio, video) including storage, image library and tools


  • Visual/Image focused social media sharing
  • Simple scheduling with images at the centre of the dashboard
  • Similar to Buffer with nice Browser plugins to help

I love scheduling my posts, but I don’t forget my social media as the day goes on. Scheduling is just a helper.

I use Tweetdeck for monitoring Twitter, because I love the interface.

I use Buffer to schedule because it’s so easy from inside Chrome and Feedly (both tools I love using) and offers a massive amount of options for this.

I use ViralTag to schedule pins on Pinterest and some images to Twitter

I could switch easily to Hootsuite or MavSocial and get most of the above and more, but I have not taken the time to do so yet.

I’d love to hear what you are using? comment below or send me a Tweet (@madlemmingz)

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