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TweetDeck – Improve your Twitter experience

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Does your Twitter timeline get flooded with Tweets?

Do you wish you had an easy way to schedule your tweets?

Or perhaps you just want a better overview of who is talking about you, to you or with you?

TweetDeck can help you out.


TweetDeck to the Rescue

While trying to come to terms with Twitter lately, I stumbled across TweetDeck.

Perhaps not news to many of you, but I found it really useful. And if you haven’t heard of it, read on. It will make your Twitter life a breeze.

** Beware Twitter is removing this from the mobile app stores, so get it fast for your phone too. Otherwise it’s available as a desktop tool or a chrome plugin.

TweetDeck Out of the Box

TweetDeck basically provides a better overview of many parts of Twitter – like Messages, Activity, Timeline and so on.

I will give you a quick idea of what each section (column) contains in the default configuration, which is what you get on first login.

This contains the standard Twitter timeline information: ie. tweets from everyone you are following.
This contains the standard Twitter @connect information: tweets or messages with @yourname.
This contains the standard Twitter Discover information: people you follow’s actions – new follows, favourites, lists.  I find this useful for finding new people to follow, as it shows who people have just followed.
This contains the private messages from Twitter: direct tweets sent only to you.

Of course if you don’t find a particular column useful, you can delete it (detailed further in the post). You will probably add new ones in any case, so this is not a big loss/problem.

Power Features of TweetDeck

Although the overview of Twitter that TweetDeck offers is a fantastic improvement, there are some other features you will probably want to try.

Search (Filtered) Columns

In TweetDeck you can add a column based on a specific search. The search criteria are actually quite powerful, allowing logical expressions, location and date restrictions and so on. Here is a guide to adding search columns if you want a reference. Such columns are great for pin-pointing specific tweets or trends in the Twittersphere.

Don’t forget that Twitter also has a great advanced search function which you can learn all about in this post.

Specific Person Columns

It is also possible to add a specific person’s tweets (or mentions or any other category of tweet) if you are interested in following someone closely.

List Columns

One of Twitter’s most useful features is Lists. This gives you the ability to filter people you are following into categories so you can focus on a specific subject or people. In TweetDeck you can add a List as a column to use this Twitter feature within the tool.

* If you are unfamiliar with Lists or want more info on how they work, check out this post on working with Twitter Lists.


Hold on to your seat, when you add a tweet in Tweet Deck you can schedule it!! Amazing huh. When you create a new tweet in TweetDeck, below the text box is a clock icon – which allows you to schedule the date and time the tweet will be posted.

Not only that, TweetDeck throws in a free set of steak knives!! No not really, but you can add a Schedule Column, which shows you all the upcoming tweets that you have scheduled.

* Beware: exact duplicate tweets are not allowed. So if you want to tweet something multiple times to get maximum coverage, you have to change the text slightly. This I find a little painful and a weakness of TweetDeck.

Tweaking a Column

Many of the TweetDeck options above are enough for most users. However, if you are a “power user” , you might want to filter the content of a column even further. The following are some options available for each column to help make those tweaks. To get these options, you click on the icon on the top right of the column (Note: the actual icon varies for each column type). Below is what you will then see.

tweetdeck edit column


tweetdeck content filterContent filtering allows you to change a number of things. For example you can filter the column to see only images, videos, any media, links, or content matching certain keywords. You can also exclude tweets with specific keywords or retweets. This could allow you to see only the people you follow’s tweet with images for example, or exclude tweets with certain #hashtags. The world is your oyster!


tweetdeck users filterUser

Filtering by User gives you options to limit tweets for verified users, or only tweets from users on a specific list. This gives you the power to watch certain people within a list, or your timeline for example.

tweetdeck colum alertsAlerts

There’s is also an option to add an Alert to a column that basically alerts you when a result of your column filter appears.  It can be either  a sound or popup. This could be helpful or annoying, depending on how many results you get.

Other Options

tweetdeck column optionsWithin the column options, at the bottom, you can also move the column (left/right arrows). Clear the column contents with “Clear column”, or simply delete the column using the trash can icon.


Twitter can become quite difficult to monitor when you are following a lot of people. Using TweetDeck, you can cut through the noise by only seeing what and who you are interested in. It also allows you to schedule tweets, which saves you time and spreads your tweets out. Then you can get more attention!

Have you tried TweetDeck or any similar Twitter Tools?

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