blogging 101

Every Blogger needs a tools to make their lives easier.

The following are tools and resources that I use and recommend.

They will help make your blogging life a better one.


server farmBlog Hosting

Blog hosting is one of the first things you have to do after you decide to leaves the nest (ie. or blogger).

I was lucky enough to stumble across some great blogs when I started out, and landed running.

My blog is hosted on BlueHost and it is great.

I went with the cheapest plan to start with (ifyou have loads of traffic – then you might upgrade).

Installing wordpress was just the click of a button (or two). No technical knowledge required.

Here is a quick tutorial once you get a BlueHost account – login to your CPanel (the main page you use on BlueHost to control your site).

If you are interested head over to BlueHost and check them out.

Blog Themesman searching with binoculars on field

One of the first things you will need to do is find a Theme for your blog.

Here are some of the best theme websites around

Elegant Themes

My Theme Shop

Studio Press

You can also read my post on deciding on a theme.

Comment Luv Premiumcomment luv

Comments are the life blood of any blog, and Comment Luv will help you get even more comments.

By providing a link or selection of links from the commenter’s blog, they are encouraged to leave a comment.

Likewise, you can find Comment Luv enabled blogs to get more links to your blog.

With Comment Luv Premium you get a lot more control over Comment Luv and how it is used on your site.

On top of that, you get an awesome Spam control, which has meant almost zero spam on my blog.

You can read my post about my journey to Comment Luv Premium for more info.


Social Media Tools

TweetDeck – This is a great tool for getting an overview of your Twitter Account. (my review)

Hootsuite - Similar to TweetDeck, but enables you to do LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ Pages.

Buffer - My goto application for scheduling Tweets. Can be done from inside the browser, feed readers etc.

TweetAdder - The only way to increase your Twitter Following fast, and with targeted Followers. (my review)

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