Learning is the key to your future... - Mad Lemmings

Learning is the key to your future…

I am learning all the time.

When you are a blogger or in social media, you cannot just sit back and relax. You have to learn all the time too.

And these days you don’t need to go to school anymore. The school comes to us, on our computer!

Below are some courses that I recommend or have published myself on Udemy (a fantastic way to learn for a reasonable price!):


My Courses and eBooks


Twitter for Beginners


Learn the basics of Twitter

If you are completely new to Twitter and want to learn what the fuss is about, this course is for you.

You will learn:

  • What a Tweet and ReTweet are
  • Understand Mentions and Replies (communicating with people on Twitter)
  • How to use Direct Messages (it’s kinda like email)
  • What are those crazy hashtags
  • The difference between Followers and Following
  • How to find your first Followers
  • How to setup your Twitter account and Profile
  • What to do next…

You can see the course on Udemy here.

Learn for Small Business


Learn to use Twitter Efficiently and Effectively

Learn how to take your Twitter to the next level for your Small Business.

Some of the great things you will learn:

  • Improve your Profile to attract the right connections (more people will follow you)
  • Find out how to write the Perfect Tweet and Retweet (that way you will get more retweets)
  • How to find great content to share your audience (they will love you for it)
  • Learn how to find or create the right Hashtags (this will expand your reach)
  • Find out how to use Pro Tools on Twitter (save time, find new customers, reach more people)
  • Explode your following and find targeted people (new customers, great contacts, influencers in your niche)

You can see the course on Udemy here.

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How to Find Targeted Followers on Twitter ($7)

get twitter followers easily

Learn how to use free tools online to rapidly and easily find targeted followers on Twitter.

Also, find out how to manage your following using another great free tool online.


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