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The Best WordPress Plugins of 2015 – 30 Pros Reveal Theirs

Figuring out which are the best WordPress plugins to use is tough. Each year loads of new plugins are released, and many die an ugly plugin death because they are not maintained by the developer. Not only that, but having enough time and experience to try them all out, understand what they do and if they […]

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Social Warfare Plugin Review

Social Warfare Plugin Review: A Top Social Sharing Plugin

Updated: 9th November 2015 Are you looking for the ultimate social media plugin to encourage your visitors to share your content? Maybe I have the plugin just for you. I have used a lot of plugins in WordPress for both my own sites, and my customer’s. And to be honest, there is a lot of crap out […]

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X Theme vs Divi vs Thrive Themes

Divi Theme vs Thrive Themes vs X Theme – Pros & Cons

  In this post I am going to review and compare some of the best, most powerful and easy to use themes on the WordPress market. And I have used all of these Themes extensively for myself and clients (so this is not just a basic review/overview). By purchasing such a theme (or theme set) […]

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Thrive Landing Pages Review

Thrive Landing Pages Review: Are They As Great as LeadPages?

In this post I am going to take a look at how good Thrive Landings Pages is for the cost and features you get.Thrive Landing Pages are are part of the Thrive Content Builder plugin package, so if you buy that you get them included (or vice versa). So it is actually not just a […]

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Check Your Emails are Mobile Friendly

Mobile D-Day is Coming – Is Website Your Ready? (Or Will It Drop Massively In Google)

On April 21st, Google is going to roll out one of the biggest updates ever to search. This update could impact your website massively if it is not mobile friendly. Mobile usage on the internet is increasing at an exponential rate, and now Google are not only recommending you pay attention, they are going to make sure […]

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WordPress Backup and Restore Plugins

Someone Deleted Your Website! Now What?

In this post I am going to show you the best WordPress Backup (and restore) plugins around in 2015. Just a few weeks ago, a very nasty hacker kept trying to get into my website over and over again. Although they did not manage to take my site down (because I have some security in […]

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Thrive Leads Plugin Review

A Thrive Leads Review That Shows You Real Results

Everyone tells you that you need to grow your email list. And the Thrive Leads plugin provides you with an insane amount of features to do that. Trust me, I have used most of them. (And you can scroll down to read my detailed Thrive Leads review) The problem is that no one tells you […]

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WordPress Landing Page Plugins, Themes and Page Builders

Need a WordPress Landing Page? Here Are Your Options

In this post I will show you all the best options you have when it comes to WordPress landing page plugins and themes.  As you probably know, having a website with high converting traffic is the key to making money online. The result is that people do what you want them to do when they land […]

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Best CDN - Cloudflare or MaxCDN

MaxCDN vs CloudFlare vs KeyCDN: Which CDN is Best For You?

Quick Navigation What is a CDN?Which CDN Is The Best: MaxCDN vs CloudFlare vs KeyCDN?CloudFlare CDN ReviewPros of CloudFlareCons of CloudFlareSetting Up CloudFlareMaxCDN ReviewPros of MaxCDNCons of MaxCDNSetting Up MaxCDNKeyCDN ReviewPros of MaxCDNCons of KeyCDNSetting Up KeyCDNThe Verdict – MaxCDN or CloudFlare or KeyCDN Updated Nov 18th 2016 When it comes to speeding up your website, […]

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WP Reviews Plugin - Make your reviews rock

WordPress WP Reviews Plugin: Make Your Reviews Stand Out From the Crowd

In this post I will show you how you can make your reviews look awesome and help you sell even more with affiliate marketing. Writing a review of a product you love and want to share with your audience, is also a great way to make a little cash on your website. But some of the […]

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