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3 Powerful Tools for Simple and Effective Keyword Research #seo

3 Powerful Tools for Simple and Effective Keyword Research

In this post you will discover 3 very powerful keyword research tools and some very effective ideas for using them. Out of all the search engine optimisation (SEO) practices you or your team embarks embarks on, none is more important or has the highest chance for a high return than keyword research. Keywords are the […]

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The Power of Long Tail Keywords

SEO Power: It’s All In the Long Tail Keywords

As the web gets more and more crowded, it becomes harder and harder for you to rank your website on Google. As of December 2014, Netcraft’s annual survey found there are now 915,780,262 websites on the web. Shocking I know. But don’t fall off your chair just yet… I know, we are all competing with those billion […]

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Google Mobile URL Update

SEO Update: Google Makes More Changes to Mobile

Sometimes there are huge announcements with lots of bells and whistles, like this one about the forthcoming Google Mobile update on April 21st. This is very important and something you should be aware of, but sometimes it is the little things that sneak under the radar that can also make a difference to our SEO. […]

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4 Reasons Your SEO Sucks

4 Reasons Your SEO Sucks (And How You Can Learn To Be A Pro)

You are probably making at least 2 of these horrible SEO mistakes and your rankings are suffering as a result. So in this post I am going to show you why your website is like a dead body. Let me clarify. That is a part of a fun quote I read at SMMW recently: The best […]

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How to Conquer Local SEO

How To Conquer WordPress SEO For Local Business

In this post you will learn how to setup and optimize SEO for local business using WordPress.  The way the internet has changed our lives is remarkable. Most of our data, information and relationships have shifted online, while the answers to all our questions are just a Google search away. Naturally, this has also changed […]

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SEMRush Review - Keyword Research, Competition Analysis

SEMRush Review – Keyword and Competitor Research

In this post I am going to take a detailed look at what SEMRush can do for you in terms of keyword research, competitor research and general SEO goodness. Knowing what is working for your competitors can be a powerful thing. Seeing what kinds of keywords they have ranked for. And what related keywords are […]

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SEO Money On the Table

Is Your SEO Leaving Money on the Table?

Sure, Google is out to get you! And me too, but having them deliver free visitors to your front door is still useful in my opinion. Every month I read how much harder SEO is becoming, and how people are getting penalized and whacked by Google. But don’t let it get you down. You can still […]

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Content and SEO - Why You Should Care

Content And SEO – Why You Should Care

In this post I am going to look at why creating quality content helps you rank in search engines. In the rush to rank in Google, people often forget about writing content for their customers. But when you take a very detailed look at content and SEO together, you will realize that it makes sense […]

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Get on Page One of Google

Page One of Google And How It Gets You Customers

In this post I am going to show you why page one of Google is so important for your business and what you can do to get there. Google holds a certain mythical power over all business owners. Because, they control Search. Yes I have heard of Bing, and Go Go Duck (what, you haven’t […]

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MLP013: The Current State of SEO – Social Signals & Guest Posting w/ Brent Carnduff

When Google opened the gates of the SEO Zoo and released all the Pandas, Penguins and Hummingbirds things changed drastically. Since then, it has been hard keeping up with the current state of SEO. People have been suggesting that Guest Posting is dead over the last few months. In fact Matt Cutts himself even said it, […]

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