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Organic vs Paid Search Ads – Are You Wasting Your Money?

Deciding between Organic or Paid Search Ads can be a tough decision for a business owner. And like with any business decision, it really pays to understand what it is your are deciding between. What kinds of costs are involved with ads, and what are the returns? Is Google search the free ride we all think […]

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5 Biggest WordPress SEO Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

In this post I am going to show you the most common WordPress SEO mistakes I see on a daily basis, and exactly how to fix them.Some of these mistakes could be seriously damaging your SEO or even stopping you​ from getting found on search.SEO can be really easy once you understand how to do […]

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SEO Success Formula [Course]: How To Get Google Traffic The Easy Way

Is Google not delivering you the traffic you deserve?Or perhaps you just don’t “get” SEO and how to get found on Google?​It is certainly getting harder and harder to compete on the internet and only those who know how are really getting traffic from Google.​Would you be surprised if I told you SEO (and getting […]

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Must Have SEO Tools

5 Must Have Tools For Killer SEO

Are you overwhelmed by all the SEO tools available?Or maybe you just have no idea where to start?​Rather than bombard you with 150+ SEO tools that will still get you nowhere, I am going to show you ONLY 5 must have SEO tools you need to achieve success in SEO.It does not have to be complex […]

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How To Craft The Perfect SEO Content (And Keep Google Happy)

It happens every time you write.Your content is epic. Your readers are ecstatic. You get lots of social media shares…But you have no idea how to write and optimize your articles for SEO in 2016.Figuring out what works, what to focus on (and what not to) is a huge task.And with Google constantly changing the […]

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Yoast vs All In One SEO

Yoast VS All In One SEO – And The Winner Is?

Struggling to pick an SEO plugin for your WordPress website?​It’s a little complex and a little messy, I know. But fear not! This post will show you which of the two best SEO plugins (Yoast or All In One SEO Pack):  Is the best for your situation Has the features you need This post is broken […]

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NoFollow Links and SEO - When To Use Them and Why

No Follow Links For SEO – Ultimate Guide For Website Owners

NoFollow Links could be affecting your SEO in a very bad way. You might have heard the rumors from the dark masters of SEO. That you should, or should not be using these fun things called no follow links. But until now, you kinda ignored the whole no follow tag thing. I wouldn’t blame you. […]

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SEO Image Optimization

SEO Image Optimization: 10 Proven Ways To Boost Yours

One of the hidden secrets of SEO is image optimization.​ Have you ever really focused much on your images and thought they can help (or ruin) your SEO?​According to Raven Tools, 78% of SEO issues are related to images.So perhaps it is time you started taking image seo optimization more seriously?​Images are a critical factor […]

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Search Love London

SearchLove: How This #SEO Conference in London Almost Melted My Brain

SearchLove. Yup, it is a real conference, focused on SEO and run by the amazing Distilled, an online marketing agency in London. The name SearchLove is…..intriguing? Confusing even. And as one speaker found out upon arriving at UK border control, don’t say you are visiting the UK for “search love”. Not surprisingly, it might hinder your […]

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3 Powerful Tools for Simple and Effective Keyword Research #seo

3 Powerful Tools for Simple and Effective Keyword Research

In this post you will discover 3 very powerful keyword research tools and some very effective ideas for using them. Out of all the search engine optimisation (SEO) practices you or your team embarks embarks on, none is more important or has the highest chance for a high return than keyword research. Keywords are the […]

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