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Time to Make your Site Mobile Worthy

Have you been trying to ignore the inevitable? Sure watch that movie that just came out. Read that book that has been sitting on the coffee table since Christmas……….but sooner or later we all have to address the elephant in the room. Our customers (or readers) have been buying smartphones! Yes, that’s right. Not only […]

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spices for sale

Spice up your Website with Free Images

Beware of Borrowing Any Image If you are just grabbing images off the web, from google image search, other blogs etc, and think that there is no copyright!! Beware. A change to the copyright act some years ago means that there is always an implicit right on images. So……..Stop it!!  Read on for the solution […]

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SEO - search engine optimization

4 Guides to SEO that will Improve Your Website and Understanding

SEO is one of the most complex and debated subjects on the web. As a beginner in blogging and marketing, I did a lot of searching for information on Search Engine Optimization and found it involves a wide area of topics. You need to consider SEO of your pages (title, meta description, alt tags in […]

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Colors in Websutes

Improve your Website with a Splash of Color

The Influence of Color First I would like to give you some examples of color, where they are used, how they affect us and what kind of companies are using them. Blue: Darker blues are associated with reliability and stability and are often favoured by corporations (like GE, Samsung, VW, Ford).  Whereas lighter or bolder […]

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responsive design

The Simplest Way to go Mobile with your Website – Responsive Design

Have you ever gone to a website on your phone and had to zoom in, and in and in to read it…….annoying isn’t it. Does your website have the same problem? In most cases I would guess “yes”.  It is not your fault.  Making a new website for mobile is daunting. Copying all the content, rearranging it […]

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4 Tips for your Perfect WordPress Theme

Are you new to the WordPress world, or just want to improve the look of your WordPress website? One easy change is simply adding a new theme. Of course the choice is simple right? Well kind of, but let me give you a few tips that might help. Free vs. Premium The most fundamental choice you have […]

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contact form

Adding a WordPress Contact Form – The Easy Way

If you are looking to add a contact form to a WordPress, then read on. I decided to add a Contact Form to my WordPress Blog to allow users to contact me, without exposing my email address (an unfortunate security issue with so much spam these days).  So I took a look on Google to […]

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