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Google Search: Tips & Tricks Part 2

In the previous part of Search Tips and Tricks we covered the main terms you can use in the Google Search Bar the Advanced search form you can use instead (with some extra possibilities) In this section we will finish what we started!! After all, isn’t that what your famous friend from Germany, Goethe always taught […]

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Google Search: Tips & Tricks Part 1

I was reminded recently while doing some research, just how powerful Google Search can be. I had forgotten the kinds of things you can do with search, and how it can help you with so many tasks. It was while I was exploring this fantastic blog Traffic Generation Cafe (from Ana Hoffman – if you […]

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Triberr for Beginners – Finding Tribes & Sharing

Triberr is all about Bloggers helping other Bloggers. Organised into so called “Tribes”, you share content and your content is shared in return. The concept it quite sound and seems to work well in practice, but when you are first starting out – finding the right tribe and joining them is the hard part.   […]

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wordpress revealed

WordPress Revealed Review – A great book for Beginners

WordPress Revealed by Matt Wolfe is a simple and concise beginners guide to WordPress. Matt is a very active member of the WordPress community and knows what he is talking about. In this book he takes you from zero to up and running in no time. It is especially good for non-technical users so I […]

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TweetDeck – Improve your Twitter experience

Does your Twitter timeline get flooded with Tweets? Do you wish you had an easy way to schedule your tweets? Or perhaps you just want a better overview of who is talking about you, to you or with you? TweetDeck can help you out.   TweetDeck to the Rescue While trying to come to terms with […]

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Pump up your website with a simple favicon

It’s the small things in life that often make the biggest difference. And this is never truer than with a website. Have you ever noticed those cool little icons on the tabs in the browser? Or in your favourites list? They match the site’s logo too! Well this, my friend, is a favicon. And your […]

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How to increase your social media influence with ease.

Do you want more social love? I had a few followers on Twitter.  A few people “Liked” me on Facebook.  I even had a few pluses on Google+. But I wanted more love. More attention. More fans. More Followers. A bigger audience. Don’t we all? If you are a blogger, or small business. Even a […]

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So you need some tools to work on those images?

I have been talking a lot about images lately. And why not. They are important. They add a lot to your site and attract more people and improve your search ranking. Whether you pay for them or use some of the free sites I suggested you will probably need to adjust them a bit. Especially if […]

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Speed Up Your Website With Simple Image Improvements

Speed is everything. Ok, almost everything. We all like Ferraris right? Well maybe you can’t afford one. But you can afford to make your website faster. This is a great strategy to make your readers and customers happy. Google might even rank you higher too! What? That’s right. Page speed (load times) is measured by […]

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Time to Make your Site Mobile Worthy

Have you been trying to ignore the inevitable? Sure watch that movie that just came out. Read that book that has been sitting on the coffee table since Christmas……….but sooner or later we all have to address the elephant in the room. Our customers (or readers) have been buying smartphones! Yes, that’s right. Not only […]

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