Get on Page One of Google

Page One of Google And How It Gets You Customers

Get on Page One of GoogleIn this post I am going to show you why page one of Google is so important for your business and what you can do to get there.

Google holds a certain mythical power over all business owners.

Because, they control Search.

Yes I have heard of Bing, and Go Go Duck (what, you haven’t heard of Go Go Duck?)

But Google still holds most of the cards in this game.

And in many ways, that means they control a huge part of the flow of customers from the internet, to your website.

The Yearning for Page One of Google

Deep down we all have a yearning to get on the first page of Google.

All the cool kids are talking about it.

Everyone is probably asking you where you “rank” over coffee at Starbucks.

So it’s kinda hard to ignore, I know.

Maybe you secretly want to ignore all this talk of Google and head out late at night and grab some of that Ben and Jerry’s Cookies and Cream ice cream! Who doesn’t?

But at the back of your mind, maybe even deep down, you are thinking about Google! Plotting to get on the first page and reap all those rewards (customers) you deserve.

It is like the modern day Pringles of the internet.

Once you get to the top….

(“page one baby, I made it!”)

You can’t stop.

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What Are the Rewards of Google Page One?

Most of you probably know you need to be on page one to seriously get any traffic from a particular keyword (ie. what someone searches for in Google).

It has become almost common knowledge – at least in the internet marketing industry.

But do you have any idea why? Let me show you in a very simple way. Using a few numbers.

Here are the statistics for how many people actually click on a particular position of the Google search results for page one.

Google Result           Average Traffic Share 

Position                       in %

1                                        32.5%

2                                        17.6%

3                                        11.4%

4                                        8.1%

5                                        6.1%

6                                        4.4%

7                                        3.5%

8                                        3.1%

9                                        2.6%

10                                      2.4%

Teacher, What Do These Numbers Mean?

Now you have seen the numbers. But what do they mean?

Well, the first three positions of Google get about 60% of the people.

Then, if you take the whole of page one, you get about 90% or more.

So, it is fairly safe to say that at least 9 out of 10 people do not even get to page 2  of Google. (Let’s not even talk about the other pages)

That is why people are so obsessed with getting on page one of Google!

Imagine, if you were in the top three positions for the kinds of searches that your customers are doing?

I want page one of Google

What Can You Do To Get On The First Page?

Getting onto page one of Google is not s simple task, which is why there is a whole industry called SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

But let’s make at least a first attempt at understanding how you can do improve your chances!

There are really two parts to the SEO game. Let’s call them the SEO Yin and Yang.

Their real names are the on-page and off-page SEO. (they only call themselves Yin and Yang on Friday nights)

On-Page SEO

These are the things that you have a lot of control over, because, they are on your website.

They are the elements that Google looks at to determine what your site and pages are about.

It is the first thing you can change,  and makes a huge difference when it comes to SEO.

So although everyone is always talking about “links” when it comes to search, without on-page SEO, links are kinda useless.

Very wise people have written books the size of my living room on SEO, but if you want to get started with your website and make it SEO friendly in 2014 – take a read of this.

And if you are using WordPress, I have a tutorial on optimizing a page using the Yoast – WordPress SEO plugin.

That should get you going.

Off-Page SEO

This is where the dark arts of SEO come into play. The late night meetings, with secret knocks on doors down a dark alleyway in Silicon Valley happen!

But seriously, there is a lot you can do to get links to your content, it just takes a lot of work.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you write amazing content that people want to link to. 

I know you have probably heard it before, but it is true.

Unless you have a massive network of people who adore you so much that they will link to everything you write, it is the harsh reality of it.

(By the way, if you have such an amazing network send me an email –

But seriously, your content needs to be unique, at least in some way.

Whether it is amazingly helpful. Witty beyond belief. Or a new angle that no one has heard of.

It can’t just be run-of-the-mill!

Once you have that amazing content, you then have to get it the attention it deserves.

Neil Patel, a master of the game, has some great tips on achieving this with non-standard techniques.

I personally just share the heck out of my content on social media and using my email list.

The Alternatives To Search. What Are They?

There is a theory going around that we don’t need Google anymore!

That you can ignore SEO and Google, and get customers from other less difficult places.

Really? Well, what are the alternatives?

Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Create your own email list (you control who comes to your site and when)
  • Increase your following on social media (more followers, more visitors)
  • Create a podcast and get a new audience (still not a crowded space)
  • Get busy on Youtube the second biggest search engine
  • Create slides and share them on slideshare etc. (not a common approach yet)
  • Spread your ebooks around on pdf sharing sites

There are a lot of other things you could be doing outside of concentrating on search, but it all takes a lot of work – of course :>

But, they are reasonable options.

I will be writing some more detailed posts on these ideas in the coming weeks.

FREE Bonus: Download my Free SEO Checklist which will show you how to quickly improve your SEO on all pages and post. Included are extra tips and resources to help you even more.

How Will the Customers Come Rolling In?

After all is said and done, the big question is – how does being on page one of Google get you customers?

If you target the right keywords, ie. the ones that your customers are looking for. They have a bigger chance of finding you.

And if you are at the top (or at least on the first page) of Google – they might just click on your link.

That will lead to a stream of customers you never expected!

If you need some help getting found on Google, I would be more than happy to help



About the Author Ashley Faulkes

I am an Aussie WordPress Web Designer living in Switzerland. My goal is to make your WordPress website awesome, and get you more customers via SEO and amazing content. I am also a huge fan of the outdoors, so I am often in the mountains doing crazy stuff. I discovered blogging and online marketing while recovering from a shattered leg I got while skiing, and I have not stopped learning since! Join me in reaching for the top!

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17 responses to “Page One of Google And How It Gets You Customers”

  1. Hi Ashley,

    I think with Google’s ever changing algorithm, it’s not necessarily become easier to reach Page 1, but it has leveled the playing field. Does that make sense? Like, we’re still guessing, and appreciating semantic search, and long tail keywords, so this is challenging, yet many folks who were getting clobbered by big brands or skilled SEO types seem to have more of a fighting chance these days.

    I dig your post because you hit on the basics. We have a fair deal within our control, especially with the onsite stuff. We can follow basic steps to make our sites more appealing.

    As for Page 1, one block I had which I know other bloggers share is this; even though virtually all of us Google stuff all day long, and mainly click on results only from Page 1, we underscore the important of search traffic, or simply explain away that it’s too tough to do proper SEO.

    I’m changing my mind because I’m being real, observing my day to day web activities, and my level of trust when it comes to clicking on Page 1 links – preferably the top few – and simply not looking beyond these links.

    Thanks for the share share Ashley.

    Tweeting through Triberr.


    • Hi Ryan
      Google is a bit of a beast, and tough to understand but there are a few fundamentals we need to adhere to.
      Great content, use of keywords, a little research and then hopefully powerful links (the hard part).
      Thanks for popping by as usual

  2. Hi Ashley – got your email and you’ve been a busy little beaver! I admire your tenacity in getting on page one of Google. Well, one way is to type in your name (kidding). Seriously, I find my Google traffic, which dwarfs traffic from other sources, not to be very valuable. Most of it bounces off right away because I wasn’t what they were looking for, despite my use of keywords. Referred traffic is more “sticky.”

    Here is another very serious consideration: When you’re doing a search Google sends you the traffic IT believes you need to see and not the whole universe of options. If a dozen people were to enter the same key words they would get a dozen different page one results. For example, I just typed in “website designers” and Google sent me all the designers in New York, where I live, even though I’m sure you’d be perfectly capable of designing a website for me. After all, it’s all done online.

    I highly recommend you watch this TED video entitled “The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding From You.” You will learn how much Google controls the information we receive. Scary.

    • Hi Jeannette,
      You are right of course. A lot of traffic does bounce. But then again, so does a lot of my social media traffic.
      People are fickle and I can only hope that if I can rank for my keywords in my region (something I am working on with a new site) it will help.
      As you mentioned, it is not necessarily right, as a web designer can work from anywhere, but it is the easiest result I suppose.
      And at least you can meet them :>

      The fact that Google now controls the information, amazon the book and rest, and some other hosting monopolies control our sites.
      As Steven Wright once intelligently stated “isn’t it funny that only one company makes the game Monopoly?”. So much truth in that.

      thanks for the comment

  3. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Hi Ashley,

    I love the way you described how everybody wants to be on Google’s page 1. That is so true and for good reasons.

    However, with millions of blog posts being published every day, what are the chances of an average entrepreneur to get on page 1? I relate this to getting admission in Indian Institute of Technology with seats in just a few thousands with a population of over 1 billion people.Yes, if you get admission, getting a job is a cakewalk. Getting an invitation to workers top corporations in America is very easy once you graduate. But, what are your chances of getting into that institution with millions of students competing to be one of those few thousand lucky ones?

    I decided to take an alternate route just as people are looking for alternates for Google’s search -based traffic. Yes, there is no shortcut to success. Whether you want to be on page one of Google or you want to have a huge mailing list of your own, you can’t avoid hard work. Hard work is given.

    But, your hard work has predictable output and you go through alternate methods. You can measure your efforts and results. On the other hand, you work hard to please Google and maybe, just maybe you get lucky to get noticed by Google and you start to show up on page 1…until they change their algorithm one more time… Or bring the new rule that makes you a violator… And boom! Off you go again in your pursuit of page 1.

    I am not against SEO and I take care of on page stuff on my sites for sure. I do not want to ignore Google either. In fact, I enjoy a fair bit of organic traffic as well. But, organic search traffic is overrated. You could put similar efforts and money in other avenues to generate similar or better traffic and, interestingly, when you do that,Google seems to love you too.

    So, I would rather become a big shot through relationship marketing, blogging, podcasting, list building, social media marketing etc. and they Google will take note of me anyway because that’s what they do.

    Just my two cents…. You haven’t said anything that I am contradicting. I love your posts I love the way you communicate. But, Google is just over it especially when you know that second third fourth pages really mean anything and getting on page 1 is pretty hard looking at the competition.

    Have a wonderful day my friend and rest of the remaining days in this week.


    • Hi Kumar
      I think it is very smart to work on other methods of getting customers. I do that too.
      But people forget about optimizing for Google because everyone is against it.
      It does not have to be killer hard work or the only thing that you do, but I recommend doing it because in the end the results are there and mostly free.

      Of course not having all your eggs in the Google basket is also a good strategy and building your email list and social media followings help a lot too.
      But then trying and failing are all part of the game!
      I appreciate your comment

  4. Stormy Fanning says:

    You have some great tips in here. I keep hearing that it takes at least six months to build traffic organically for a blog website. My complete lack of patience isn’t helping! I guess this is a good way to learn some. I’m also learning a lot about a whole world I barely knew existed, and learning is always a good thing.

  5. Even if not all bloggers say it, I think they would all really like to be on page 1! I know that there are bloggers who say “but I’m just doing it for fun”, but secretly deep down….they want to be on page 1 too!

    It’s certainly not an easy task and with the huge competition, that just gets harder and harder. I have a love hate relationship with SEO. It drives me insane! The more I learn about it, the less I seem to know. But it definitely pays to do the homework and learn both on and off page SEO and incorporate that into all posts. The more you do it, the easier it will become. The results clearly show that having page 1 is going to drive more traffic to a site, so that should be what bloggers aim for.

    • Hi Catherine
      No surprise you have a love hate relationship with Google
      The difficulty is in finding the words to rank for. If you fight the wrong battle you will certainly lose.
      Unless you have money to pay a great SEO service.
      But if you can rank, even for some niche long tail words, then things will only get better!
      take care

  6. maxwell ivey says:

    Hi Ashley; Now, you have ruined me. before I read this post and heard those numbers I didn’t care that i wasn’t on page one of google. Now, I not only care, but I’m going to have to take steps to improve my position if not drive it all the way to the top. I know one of the things that would help the midway marketplace site a lot would be to get rid of all broken links. so do you know site or plug in i could use to identify them. I’v also been talking to some people about going to work for me as sort of a poor man’s virtual assistant contacting the owners of all those companies and updating their information. regardless of the solution I believe broken links is probably the top reason for my poor google ranking on that site. I don’t even know what position the blind blogger is in. I do know I just had a wildly successful guest post that should have brought a lot of new traffic through. I also got contacted by another blog owner who is helping me create my first online product and who has invited me to be part of an online summit in september. I have two more podcasts and one text interview lined up. Just wish I was getting opportunities to promote the midway site. although I have several friends who have suggested that the new site could end up giving me the traffic and income to do a lot of things I’ve wanted to like travel and record youtube videos on location. It would be ironic if the career I didn’t plan on as an inspirational/motivational coach and speaker ended up making me famous. :) thanks for all your help ashley. You are a real friend. I wish us both great success in 2014 and beyond, Max

    • Hey Max
      I think there are some issues we can fix on your site that would help the SEO, but we also need to research the words you can win traffic for.
      Broken links are a bad SEO signal for sure, although not a killer. It is something you can find and fix with the right tools.

      But it does seem that you are indirectly becoming a bit of a star, which is also cool. Some of the best start out in other areas.
      Take Rebekah Radice the social media star, who started out doing social media in Real Estate.
      Gotta start somewhere.
      thanks for dropping by

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi Ashley, I agree with Ryan that is not easier and with Kumar that never every blogger or small business has a chance of getting to page 1. And if they do they may not remain there for long with all the Google alogorithm changes. I think getting on page 1 of Bing may be more doable and bring in a lot of traffic too. Or as Kumar points us using relationships via blogging, social networks and outreach type of activities may be easier to gain traffic than relying on Google. Over the years I’ve been on page one and then disappeared completely from search and back on one – like a ping pong ball :) The one thing I haven’t tried is a podcast and I should concentrate on more Slideshares – those do drive some traffic.
    Thanks for your tips Ashley!

    • Hi Lisa
      It is a tough game for sure, but it all depends on the niche and topics you are targeting.
      If you go for the hard and sought after words, then for sure it is a waste of time.
      But with 75% of my traffic sometimes coming from Google, and I don’t have the most powerful site, I can show it is possible.
      I also get a lot of traffic from referrals and social etc, but not nearly the same volume.

      Having said that, it is not all about numbers as I have learnt :>
      thanks for dropping by

  8. Adam says:

    Great article, clearly summing up what’s important for growth today. Google’s algorithms can seem totally arbitrary but the recent changes have done a lot to reduce the pages of spam that used to top Google’s results. Quality on site content, usability and crawlability along with quality links from high authority sites will always rank top – there just aren’t all the shortcuts there used to be!

  9. Deepi says:

    Hello Ashley,
    Thank you for this wonderful info.Very Interesting . Hope full it will help me perk up my site .This is one of the most honest and informative SEO article I’ve ever read. Thank you. Keep posting interesting and useful stuff like this.

  10. Hi,

    Page one of Google is the dream of every blogger and business out there. As proved by the stats, one can get enough traffic hike to boost the sales.

    Also, the traffic from Google are the customers who will be buying more than any other source of traffic.

    You nailed it all in. On page SEO and off page SEO are equally important to rise the website and thus increase sales.

    To answer your question, it means a lifetime to be on first page on Google and yeah I checked the duck duck go just now, it is awesome.