9 Inspirational Bloggers to Give You a Blogging Boost

inspirational bloggersSometimes even bloggers get a little down.

How do I find the inspiration to write my next post?

Why is no one commenting on my awesome post?

Why am I not getting hundreds of shares on social media?

I feel your pain. I have been a little down lately too.

Things seem to be kind of flattening out. My stats are not improving. Few people are subscribing to my mailing list. My comments are decreasing…

But then I stopped and thought about the people who have helped me get where I am today. The inspirational bloggers I know and love.

Some who have inspired me to try new things and reach for new heights. Others who have shown me that even having a tough life is no excuse to not give it a go.

So let’s take a look at some of the inspiring bloggers I know, and give you a little inspiration too!

Big Guns

Long before I started blogging, I was developing an online tool to help people with scheduling anything (equipment, meeting rooms, their time).

One of the tough lessons  I learnt from doing this was that you needed to market anything you want to sell, and marketing in 2013 (that was when I was ready) meant blogging and social media.

So when I started looking into these things, one of the first names I came across was Neil Patel.

Neil Patel of QuickSprout

Neil Patel writes about a lot of things related to online marketing – blogging, conversion, seo etc.

And when he does write about them, he often writes massive guides that will blow your mind.

Ultimately, he was one of my inspirations for getting into blogging and online marketing in the first place and if you don’t read his posts – get over there now. He is one inspirational blogger!

Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe

I had my blog up and running, but I was not really getting much traffic.

I was in a LinkedIn Group where everyone helped each other and that in itself was inspirational.

But when it comes to really having great ideas for generating traffic. Ideas that perhaps you will find nowhere else on the web, Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe is your girl.

She will inspire you to try new things and find new ways of getting eyeballs on your posts.

Rebekah Radice of RebekahRadice.com

If you are struggling with Social Media of any flavour, then Rebekah will have a solution for you.

I discovered Rebekah a little later in my blogging career, via Triberr I believe, and she has taught me a lot of great things about social media.

Add her to your list, and get inspired to make your social media presence awesome.

Ms Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips

A great source of inspiration (and tips) for anything related to the online marketing world is Ms Ileane Smith.

She has done and tried it all. Blogging, Youtube, Podcasting and all forms of social media.

And on top of this, she does it all on the side because she has a full-time job.

She has been such an inspiration in my journey online, I was eager to talk to her as the first guest on my Podcast.

Take a listen, and learn from a pro and be inspired at the same time.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

Once you start gathering an audience, or perhaps even before, the idea of making money blogging starts to creep into your head. I know, it happened to me too.

One of the best and most inspirational bloggers in this area is Mr Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

He has done it all, and will show you all his secrets to success. His openness and amazing podcasts have inspired me many a time.

I even started my own Podcast as a result of Pat’s constant endorsement of the idea.

Less Famous but equally Inspirational

Obviously the bigger bloggers and marketers online inspire us to new heights and keep us motived with their stories of success.

But sometimes even the slightly lesser known (but just as awesome) bloggers have a great effect on our lives too.

Adrienne Smith of AdrienneSmith.net

Of course Adrienne is a well known blogger, but I did not want to put her in the above list as she is really still one of us.

Adrienne has been a constant source of inspiration to me over the last year.

She is extremely open on her blog and has demonstrated how, despite the many personal and technical issues she has had, she can still persist and strive for new heights.

She is always there for her audience. She will answer you tweet, your email, your comment (even though she gets nearly one hundred per post).

And if you sign up for her newsletter, she might even call you. I don’t know any other blogger who will do that!

Tim Bonner of Tim-Bonner.com

Tim has been a great blogging companion for me on my journey over the last year. We touch base regularly, and exchange issues when we have them.

And I thank him for that, because blogging can be lonely sometimes. (If you are a blogger too, you will know what I mean)

But what inspires me about Tim are two things:

He writes about topics that people rarely touch upon. Challenging us to think of blogging and our role in it, in new ways.

And on top of this, he is a stay at home Dad with two young girls, and also runs one (or is it two yet Tim?) niche websites on the side.

So when I think I have too much to do, I just think of Tim’s even bigger challenge and just get on with it.

Lorraine Reguly of Wording Well.com

I have known Lorraine since almost the beginning of my blogging life.

She is always willing to help, and goes out of her way for anyone who asks.

But that is not why I consider her a major inspiration for me (although it would certainly is enough).

Lorraine has managed to learn all about the online world and blogging in a very short time. Before she got started, she had never even owned a computer!

On top of this, she has done all of this, and had some great successes ,with almost zero income to her name.

She has also overcome some great hardships in her personal life, which she openly blogs about and she has recently been in hospital for continuing issues with her leg (she had a major accident on a skidoo some years ago). She even guest posted just after coming out of hospital!

And if that is not enough, she has now thrown herself into the world of a self-hosted WordPress site and learnt almost everything about hosting, wordpress, plugins and doing it solo.

Pop over to her blog for a taste of blogging inspiration.

Max Ivey – Midway Marketplace

Many of you might now have heard of Max Ivey, but you certainly should have.

Max is perhaps one of the biggest blogging inspirations out there.

Max runs the Midway Marketplace website and blog, and sells carnival related equipment for people (so finding new homes for carousels etc). Pretty cool niche, huh!

But what will blow you (and me) away is that Max runs his site, social media and business – blind. Literally.

Again, if you think you are having difficulties with your site, learning HTML, figuring out Pinterest or just making a living online; imagine doing that without being able to see.

I will be talking to Max this week on my Podcast about his inspirational story and how he also has some great ideas for his website and social media presence that we can all learn from.

Inspirational Bloggers are everywhere

We all have our ups and downs, and sometimes even think about giving up.

But if you have a few sources of inspiration to keep you going, it will certainly help.

Take a look at some of the above inspirational bloggers and see if they can bring you to new heights!

Who inspires you on a daily basis?

Do you know any of the above rock stars?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

photo credit: Matthew Wynn via photopin cc

About the Author Ashley Faulkes

I am an Aussie WordPress Web Designer living in Switzerland. My goal is to make your WordPress website awesome, and get you more customers via SEO and amazing content. I am also a huge fan of the outdoors, so I am often in the mountains doing crazy stuff. I discovered blogging and online marketing while recovering from a shattered leg I got while skiing, and I have not stopped learning since! Join me in reaching for the top!

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47 responses to “9 Inspirational Bloggers to Give You a Blogging Boost”

  1. Himanshu says:

    Hello Ashely,

    Very inspirational post.. with the help of your blog, I am learning more about blogging & I really don’t know about these professional bloggers…
    Keep writing such a great post for us… Thanks for this post.. :)

  2. […] These inspirational bloggers with show you how to reach new heights in blogging even if you are facing challenges. Take a look and be inspired…..A great source of inspiration (and tips) for anything related to the online marketing world is Ms Ileane Smith.She has done and tried it all. Blogging, Youtube, Podcasting and all forms of social media.And on top of this, she does it all on the side because she has a full-time job.She has been such an inspiration in my journey online, I was eager to talk to her as the first guest on my Podcast.Take a listen, and learn from a pro and be inspired at the same time.  […]

  3. Adrienne says:

    Oh wow Ashley, what an awesome post and thank you so very much for the lovely words.

    Yeah, we definitely all have our moments and some last longer than others but at least we have our friends here to help us through it and give us the inspiration and sometimes the advice we need to keep us going forward.

    What a great list you’ve got here and I definitely am aware of them all. Some are good blogging friends while others I learn from as well.

    I hope you have your second wind now as I do and am ready to kill it this year. Okay, as much as we can that is! LOL!!!

    Thanks again Ashley for this share and for mentioning me among those you find inspirational. I’m definitely going to have a good week now.


    • Hey Adrienne

      Indeed you are inspirational. And I was just on my podcast call with Max, and he gave a final special shoutout to you, of course.
      It was great talking to him and seeing how he has faced all his challenges too. Although he thinks it is nothing and is quite humble.

      Let’s see if the rest of 2014 can rock!

      • maxwell ivey says:

        yep i’m humble and lovable. but then shoeshine boy could turn into underdog when he was needed to save the city. october 7 2013 adrienne. you deserve ashley’s praise and i’m happy to be included amongst this group. kill it my friend, max

  4. Hi Ashley, Fantastic list of bloggers! You’re right, bloggers can inspire us to reach for new levels. You picked some of my favorites: Adrienne Smith, Ileane Smith (I’m pretty sure they’re not related to each other), Ana Hoffman, Tim Bonner and Maxwell Ivy. I hope that many people discover these amazing bloggers and get inspiration as we have!

  5. Hi Ashley,
    I appreciate this post. Thanks for sharing your feelings and what you did about it. It’s always wise to redirect the focus of your energy and attention to the positive. I’ll be certain to visit the websites of those I’m not familiar with. I appreciate you!


    • Thanks William,
      Sometimes we have to open up as bloggers and let our readers know what is going on behind the scenes. It is not all sunshine and lollipops for sure!
      Hope you meet some great bloggers from the list
      have a good one

  6. Ana Hoffman says:

    Ashley – I am honored to somehow have made it on your list of famous bloggers; at least someone agrees with my self-evaluation! lol

    Truthfully, we all go through these stages of “It doesn’t seem like I am getting nearly as much traction as I’d like to/I did a couple of months ago” – no matter how popular our blog gets. (Well, maybe not Neil Patel… :)

    There’s always this “How come that blogger gets shared so much more than I do even though my content is soooo much better!” thorn in our side.

    I am glad you wrote this post since we all need to know it’s OK to feel this way, we’ll feel this way in various degrees throughout our blogging careers, and now that we took our 5 minutes to mope about it, it’s time to get back to work.

    • Hi Ana
      Long time no see :> Hope you are doing well. I know your posts are rocking as always.
      Great to see your dark humour arising as always. I really appreciate that, as a man who has to keep his sarcasm in check most of the time.
      I did not really want a shoulder to cry on, but wanted to highlight our hard times come and go, but that we have many people to thank and be inspired from (yes even little ol’ you :>)
      Have a great – rest of the week

      • Ana Hoffman says:

        A little sarcasm makes our world go round sometimes. lol

        And I didn’t mean to say YOU needed a shoulder to cry on – we ALL need it sometimes; that’s why I found your post so helpful.

        • Of course Ana, I even tried some gags yesterday in a local shop. But my humor falls flat in Switzerland (and perhaps everywhere :>).
          Well sometimes I need to complain to someone, but I try to keep that private :>
          Have a good one

  7. Tim Bonner says:

    Hey Ashley

    I’m so pleased that you’ve become a blogging friend mate and thank you for including me here too.

    I know most of the other bloggers you’ve mentioned and some have become good friends as well.

    A couple I don’t know though so I will look them up as I’m always up for new experiences.

    It’s not that tough being a stay at home dad really but it doesn’t make blogging that easy.

    I have to work in fits and starts and often take ages to get things finished (guest posts come to mind, sorry!).

    I actually have a son, who’s 6 and a daughter who’s 3 but not to worry. Two girls would equally have been great though!

    You’ve definitely inspired me and kept me going Ashley. I see you stepping things up now with podcasts and training videos. It’s very motivating.

    I have two niche sites now but the second one is very much a work in progress and may get binned if it doesn’t go anywhere.

    Thanks again for the mention buddy. One day soon I will get that guest post to you and we should hook up for a hangout or something (I’ve not done one yet!).

    • Hey Tim
      Yes you are secretly inspiring people with your hard work. Not everyone is willing to put in the time and reach for new heights!
      Sorry about the mixup with the sexes of your kids, got it now :>
      We all try to do better and bigger things. And I also do. Whether we succeed is hopefully just a matter of time and persistence.
      Watch out for your podcast invite

  8. maxwell ivey says:

    Hi Ashley; Thanks for including me in this list. a year ago or even a few months ago i would have tried to disagree with you. I don’t like to think of myself as being all that special, but the truth is there are people out there with perfect physical bodies who still aren’t accomplishing their goals or chasing those big dreams. And the more my friends remind me, the more I believe them. I had fun doing the interview with you today. and once again you pointed out something I had been doing that is a big deal in online marketing now that I just did because I had to. basically, I only realize what I have done when a post or comment requires me to make a list. When I make that list it includes building an html site, changing to a word press based site, learning social media, building an email list, recording videos, doing google hangouts, writing blog posts, being interviewed, blog commenting, and sharing my experience with others. So, thanks for reminding me. I’ll never get to the point where I say yes I should have been on this list. smile But I can accept being an inspiration. And I may even start doing some motivational speaking or coaching? What do you think Ashley? Thanks again and take care, Max

    • Hey Max
      I know for you your blindness is life, so you don’t see it as special that you have to overcome it. And I get that for sure.
      But what is then really special is that you do all these things, when they are even harder than for people with sight.
      Although I suppose having been challenged all your life, it is something you are more used to than people with no problems.
      Then it is easy to just sit home and watch TV instead of getting out of the chair and striving for more!
      In any case, was great meeting you online and I look forward to your future accomplishments

      • maxwell ivey says:

        hi ashley; well sometimes i watch tv while i am doing all these things for the site. but yes i have always pushed myself and am not easily satisfied. You know I don’t or that is didn’t used to speak so openly about being blind on my site or in my correspondence with clients. Another thing I’ve been hesitant to share but that I’m also going to fix by adding it to my about me section is the fact that I’m one of the few blind eagle scouts out there and was the first one ever for the sam houston area council which covers east texas. I got to ride in the thanksgiving day parade and throw out the first pitch at an astros baseball game. And I get what you and my other friends are saying. What I am doing is impressive. So, don’t b surprised if you see more posts either about how it is for a blind person to do something or posts about equipment that in some way mention my lack of sight. I think I like tom sullivan’s description of himself. He says that he is a musician composer arranger actor producer who just happens to be blind. Thanks for all your help Ashley. I am honored to be included in this post and your second interview for your new podcast. And our community of awesome bloggers are going to do more great things in 2014 and beyond. Take care my friend, Max

  9. Thank you for including me on this list, Ashley. I’m honoured to be a source of inspiration to so many people, including you.

    Onward and upward, my friend! :)

    • No worries Lorraine. I love being inspired by and just being around people who are really giving it a go! It is few who really do that.
      have a great day!

  10. Hi Ashley,

    Only discovered your blog today. And I really like what I see. I shall be visiting much more often in the future.

    I see from the many other comments here, that your wisdom is appreciated by many people.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Hey Ashley,

    Yes we all definitely have our ups and downs. I know I have, and for a long time at that. But the great thing about blogging is that there are other bloggers who inspire you and give you some of the greatest solution that will really propel your blog. I just met Neil Patel and Tim Bonner and I definitely love what they have to write. I met Ana Hoffman about 4 years ago when I first started blogging and as a matter of fact I believe she was just starting out as well. She is has a blog full of answers! I love Ileane Smith, not because we have the same last name, but with all the experience she has with different platforms and technology. She keeps on trucking. And I can never forget the other Smith, Adrienne. She has been a world of inspiration to me and I definitely, highly appreciate her for that!

    Thanks for sharing this post! It was definitely an inspiration in itself!

    • Hi Sherman,
      Thanks for dropping by. I guess many on this list are not a surprise to the bloggers out there and those moving in our commenting circles.
      But I wanted them to know they are responsible for driving me along and many others and to thank them for it.
      I also really appreciate those who comment on my blog, so thank you too my friend
      have a good one

  12. Great list, Ashley :)

    I do know and respect most of these bloggers (actually, all of them, even though I don’t really interact with many of then).

    All of them have inspired me, with their awesome blog posts, awesome blogs and awesome tips.

    I have known Ileane for almost all of my blogging career – met her (and few other friends) through Blogengage 😀

    Adrienne – I have got to thank her again and again…because she is the primary reason why I met a lot of other bloggers – including you, Tim and Lorraine.

    Her commenting strategy inspired me to act..and comment more often, which resulted in meeting new bloggers and building more and more relationships.

    So, thank you Adrienne.

    One of the other bloggers who have inspired me is Steve Scott from Stevescottsite.com (He is a genius….every one of his posts are filled with actionable tips. The best thing I love about his blog posts is that every one of them are based on things he tested out for his blog and related items – so he has been a real inspiration on that part….inspired me to put more focus into experimenting :D).

    Max is also a real inspiration…I haven’t met him (not officially…he did visit my blog once or twice – thank you Max). But, I have seen him around the blogosphere….Liked you mentioned, our difficulties with blogging are nothing compared to what Max is experiencing – and I do respect him for that :D).

    Thank you for the share, Ashley :)

    • maxwell ivey says:

      Hi; thanks for those kind words. I often visit blogs because their owner has left a comment on my blog or on a blog that i follow. I may have also run across one of your posts on a blogging community. Adrienne is the best. And ashley has been a big help too with the website and now including me in this post and on his new podcast. feel free to email me any time you have something I can help with. I’m always glad to meet and get to know another fellow blogger. Take care, Max

    • Hi Jeevan
      We all draw inspiration from many sources and I am happy to share what has inspired me lately. Even the so called little bloggers deserve a mention sometimes and because we mix with them so often they have a real daily influence on our lives.
      Your experiments and insight is also great, so don’t be surprised if you appear on some lists soon.
      thanks for dropping by Jeevan, as always

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  14. Hi Ashley,
    Great List Here!!
    I am connected with or read most the names mentioned here:
    Especially Adrienne Smith, Tim Bonner are a great inspiration to me.
    As you said their dedicated service to the fellow writers are really praise worthy,
    sometimes I wonder how they manage such things single hand.
    I think you left out few others in the list like Harleena Singh and few other!! :-)
    I am sure if you include all the list will be an endless one right?
    I need to check out few of the pages you mentioned here.
    Thank you so much for introducing such amazing personalities

    • Hi Philip
      The list is really long for sure. I just wanted to highlight people who have either had an influence on a particular aspect of my blogging or on my personal experience and assistance.
      I cannot mention everyone who has helped me in the last year, because that list is way too long.
      Glad you got some benefit from it and appreciate your comment

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  16. Hi Ashley — don’t be blue! You’re writing really valuable content on your blog, which I enjoy and use. I’m glad that you didn’t list the usual suspects in your list of 9 inspiration bloggers. Of course, I’m already a fan of Ana Hoffman and Neil Patel. Thanks for introducing me to Adrienne Smith. I didn’t know her but hopped over to her blog and watched her video on posting images with your tweets. I just did a couple of test images on my Twitter account and intend to investigate Twitter cards. Always something new to learn!

    • Hi Jeannette
      Things are just flattening out a little lately, and trying to drum up business also takes it’s toll. But generally I am not unhappy.
      My progress has been great. My new podcasts are going well. Room for improvement of course, but that is always the case, right?
      My post was not originally intended to be a list of bloggers, but I wanted to discuss inspiration and then I thought of that format.
      And I wanted to showcase some of the lesser known bloggers who also do great things.
      Mission accomplished I think

  17. Brandon says:

    Ashley, well done… you’re a superstar yourself… you forget to put you on the list!

  18. Hey Ashley,

    How’s it going, buddy? Sorry I haven’t been around, I’ve had a bit of a bad spell with my health and when I’ve been feeling up to it I’ve been working on some stuff so unfortunately my blog related activities have slipped a little. I intend to be back with a vengeance though!

    I always find it interesting to see which bloggers other people find to be particularly inspirational. Although there are a few names that often pop up regularly, you generally find that the lists vary hugely from person to person. It just goes to show how it pays to be ourselves and let our individual strengths shine through and we’ll end up connecting with different people on different levels.

    Congrats on getting your Podcast going. This is an idea I’ve toyed with (again, inspired by Pat Flynn in this regard) but I’ve never managed to get around to it. I’m sure I’m actually at the right ‘place’ for doing it right now, but it’s definitely something I’m considering for the future.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Ashley, take care.


    • *Sorry, I meant to type, “I’m not sure I’m actually at the right ‘place’ for doing it right now”

      • maxwell ivey says:

        hi glen; you are so right. If people in the blogging world see you as genuine honest sincere hard working etc they will reach out to you and offer their help or provide you with great opportunities like my being included in this list and also being part of his podcast. I hope things get better for you. Thanks and take care, max

        • Hi Max,

          That is absolutely spot on. Just like anyone who markets online I utilise different ways of advertising and promoting, but for me it should always be about giving value and putting the customer first. So my emphasis is about building relationships and connecting with people the best I can.

          Except for a couple of small sales recently, all my sales online up to that point came as a direct result of connecting with people through social media, my blog, etc. Additionally, I have been able to make some valuable contacts using these methods.

          So as you say, it definitely pays to be genuine, honest and sincere. There is really no substitute.

          I haven’t yet managed to listen to all of your interview with Ashley but I look forward to listening to the rest and am sure it will prove to be inspirational.

          Kind regards,

          • Hi Glenn,
            thanks for comment my friend.
            Relationships are really the way to get sales, and I was just meeting a design company today to discuss how they started and all their work comes this way. No other business at all.
            So a big lesson for sure

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  20. Hi Ashley,

    I know Tim Bonner. I ‘m often visit his blog and learn from his post. I must admit, he’s a great blogger and inspire :)
    Learn from other bloggers is very helpful in blogging. We can get the spirit from them that will have an effect to our blog.
    I also know a few people from this list, but not all of them inspiring for me. Because there are some of them who did not read my comment when I comment on their blog. It was sad for me.

    But, indeed. this is a great post, Ashley.
    I love it and thanks for sharing this. Keep the hard work!


    • maxwell ivey says:

      Hi Nanda; I was happy to be included on this list. And I am also sad other bloggers did not reply to your comments. I feel this is a critical part of being a blogger. And while it is a little tricky, you also need to reply to comments where appropriate any time you are featured on someone els’s site. Best of luck to you, Max

  21. Nikhil says:

    Hey Ashley,

    Great post buddy. Your list is great, but you missed Jon Morrow of boostblogtraffic.com. He is most famous, inspirational blogger in the blogosphere. Neil is also great and I like his blogging.
    Thank you for sharing this great list… :)

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