How to Share Infographics on Social Media – Best Practices [Infographic]

You gotta mix it up!

Kinda like a cocktail.

A good base of written content. With a splash of visuals. A touch of video. And an infographic on top!

Every other week I like to share a great infographic I find.

Infographics  provide an awesome visual, packed with information in an easy to digest form.

You should try it too.

Do you know how to share infographics on social media?

As we all know by now each social media platform has it’s own language. Each has its own way of presenting content and sharing it.

So, if you are going to share an infographic on social media, it really helps if you share it the right way!

The following are a collection of tips about sharing infographics on many social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn).

Some of the tips are general (and apply to sharing anything on those sites). Others are more infographic specific.

But, if you are going to take my advice and share an infographic from time to time. Best to do it the right way.

sharing social media infographics

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Photo credit: splorp via photopin cc

About the Author Ashley Faulkes

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33 responses to “How to Share Infographics on Social Media – Best Practices [Infographic]”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Ashley, nice infographic! You are right about mixing it up, not only for the effect but for your sanity too I believe. I’ve been using Google Plus and Pinterest a lot more this year than the previous year. Great tips on sharing via Twitter with a shortened link via the Buffer. Hope you are enjoying your weekend there too Ashley!

    • Hi Lisa
      Our readers love a little variety. I am seriously considering more video.
      I had to do one yesterday for another reason, and now i am getting used to seeing and hearing myself on camera.

      Social networks. Yes Pinterest gets more time from me this year and G+. Try to expand a little


  2. Hey Ashley,

    Thanks for sharing this infographic, there are some awesome tips in there that I just wouldn’t have even thought about!

    I especially like the Facebook tips. One would expect that it would share perfectly on there, what with it being so widely used as the infographic itself mentions. But it’s certainly important to know about those formatting issues and what to do to compensate for them.

    Thanks for yet another outstanding post, my man! I hope you’re having a great weekend, buddy. :-)


    • Thanks Glenn

      Infographics can be a little overwhelming, but if you find the right one. It gives a lot of info in a little space with adds variety to our day!

      Facebook is absolutely a killer for long images. But Pinterest loves them :>

  3. Andrew Stark says:

    I have seen plenty failed examples of people try to share infographics, and it’s hardly surprising that an easy one click method doesn’t work. If you’re going to spend the time / money making one of these at least promote it correctly as well.


    • Hi Andrew

      Sharing the same on all channels does not work in general. You have to learn the way it is done in order to succeed.
      And personally I find it the hardest on G+

  4. Ashley,
    That’s a great share buddy :)
    Google + was not mentioned here. And, I hope that sooner Facebook will change how the images being displayed there. Nevertheless to say Pinterest is the only one which encourages uploading of infographics.
    Thanks again for the share.

    • You are right Shahzad, I don’t know why G+ often gets left out.
      Seems people are still ignoring it. Although this infographic was not written this year, still G+ is getting huge! Bigger than Pinterest already.

      Infographics on Pinterest are awesome, especially in our niche. I get loads of shares when I do a post like this

  5. Thanks Ashley for useful post. I liked it and appreciate. Now, i will use this advice for getting maximum of my created infographics.

    • Hi Michelle

      Pintetest is the best place to get traffic for infographics, but at least we can learn how to share them on the other channels too :>

      thanks for your comment

  6. Jon Rhodes says:

    Nice guide Ashley. I also find the time of day is really important when sharing things on social sites. I find that in my case about 2.30pm (UK time) id the best. I think it is because the US are just coming online, it’s lazy afternoon time in the UK, and in places like India it is early evening and people have finished work and are online.

    I’m sure this will vary from business to business. So it’s worth experimenting and finding your “sweet spot” for the best time to do social sharing.

    • Hi Jon
      On Twitter I use Followerwonk to know when to post, and I link it with my Buffer account to create an optimized schedule. But for the other networks, I also experiment a little when I can.
      Most of my audience is US based, so I try to post late. But it is harder to be online then, as I have a life outside the internet! shock

  7. Diana says:

    Great post, Ashley – an timely for me, too as i am just working on a infographic promotional plan for a client :)

    a few things to add though:
    – the tip you shared about sharing on FB – it is superb you give the tip to sharing a screenshot instead of the whole infographic (i had to find out that the hard way some time ago!) – but the tagging of another person or page – my tests so far have always shown that tagging that other FB property (regardless if it’s a person or a page) actually decreases the reach of the post. Where did you find a source claiming the opposite? (curious, want to read it and learn more)

    – about Twitter – you can use the same tactic and share a screenshot of the infographic along with the shortened link – this way it (the inforgaphic screenshot) would show up to the left along with your other media files

    – about Pinterest – nothing to add here; except the fact i really should revieit your Pinterest posts!!! i did not know about those group boards you mention…

    Thanks for a great post, Ashley! Buffering it :)

    • Hi Diana

      The infographic is not mine, but from Lemonly. I do my sharing a little differently and don’t really share on facebook at all. I treat it like a forgotten cousin.
      It is always great to have your input as you are working on customers social media and know what works for them. I can only say what works for me.
      Pinterest group boards rock!
      Twitter, I have to try some different ideas for sharing images – the screen shot is perhaps one.

      have a great week

  8. Hi Ashley,

    Indeed, infographics are a great way to share content and ideas. As I mentioned in my last post, you can also use infographics to leverage you content.

    Thanks for showing how we can share them on different platforms as I’m going to make more of those.

  9. Hi Ashley — I use infographics from time to time but not as often as you recommend. In a way they are “fillers” because you have much less content to write yourself so I don’t want to overdo them. How do you take a screen shot of an infographic? I know how to take a screen shot but infographics are usually so long I’m not sure if it would be possible and the file would be so big it would be difficult to post to a social network or maybe I’m missing something.

    • Hi Jeanette

      Filler they are. But at the same time, I find they are so well received I cannot ignore them.
      This post got record traffic for me, so go figure.

      The screenshot reference was a “best portion” of the infographic. So that it is uploadable to Facebook (and yesterday I did the same to Twitter – worked nicely).

      have a good one

  10. Hey Ashley,

    This is a great heads up of how to share infographs on each social media site. Yes, each of these sites has it’s own culture and you want to make sure you position these infographs according to the social media site. I haven’t used infographs as of yet, but this information is very helpful for me to do it right! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Sherman

      Time to give it a go.

      Make sure you pick one that has the info you need, and is clear and concise (ok, infographics are rarely concise, but some are confusing I find).


  11. I am looking forward to seeing your new website, and think it’s going to rock the internet!

    Nice infographic on infographics. 😉

  12. Adrienne says:

    Hey Ashley,

    I haven’t created an infographic yet and most of the ones I share are in my posts thank goodness. I know that at times a few people have gotten upset with me for sharing a larger photo on Google+ so if that photo was a little too large I can imagine how I would butcher an infographic.

    Personally though I would probably share a small portion of the image if it’s allowed on the site and then the link. I think I’ve learned my lesson there and don’t want to upset anyone. The crazy lady with the big pictures! LOL!!!

    Great share, love the infographic by the way.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      I can imagine a huge/long image on G+ could annoy some people. But you are not the only one doing it :>
      We all learn something new every day, and even I tried out a partial share of the image on Twitter. Worked like a treat

  13. Amiti says:

    Hi Ashley,

    This is a great post that I wish would have been written before we started delivering our infographic, but I will find some spare time and follow some of the things (like taking a screenshot for FB) to attract more attention.

    Thanks for the sharing this!

    • Hey Amiti

      I am sure your infographic did well anyway, but trying out these tips (and a small screenshot on twitter too) will be a fun experiment.
      Then next time you will be better armed for your social media battle!

  14. Susi says:

    Nice post, but there is no need for Hashtags on Pinterest. If you make a description without the necessary words, you should build them in. But if you looking for lemmings the result is the same than you look for #lemmings – on both you see the bear on the fourth line =)
    There are so many Pins with just Hashtagls – I do not want that Pinterest gets -hashtagged- like other “socials” – so please make descriptions – not Hashtags. Thanks =)

    • Hi Susi

      You are right that hashtags do not behave the same way on Pinterest, for example on search, but that is not a reason not to use them in my opinion. Here is some more info on that:
      As for overdoing it, there will always be people pinning for attention and not for the benefit of others. Nothing we can do about that.
      But Pinterest has and perhaps will do more on the hashtag functionality, so even now I would use them a little, but not ignore them.


  15. Bhavesh says:

    From the first time of my info-graphic post I am always thinking about to share that. As we all know we get a huge amount of traffic through the social media. But question is how can I share it in social media so that I get a traffic. You solve all my problem by posting this post. Thanks Ashley for sharing this helpful and informative post.

  16. Mayura says:

    Hi Ashley,

    I’ve never thought about sharing infographics mate 😉 Well, Pinterest was where I repinned whole infographics around as they show off whole, but never did on other platforms as they can cropped out. Again, I was bit afraid to share images without creator’s permission.

    Now this is really interesting and creative ways to share and grab attention. Definitely gonna follow if I come across an infographic to share on Facebook or Twitter :)

    Have a fabulous week mate!


  17. Jennifer says:

    Not forgetting to add a description with Pinterest is important. However, I frequently leave off the hash tags, I need to take advantage of those! Any specific suggestions for Google+?

    • Hi Jennifer
      There are lots of tips for each social media platform.
      Pinterest – relevant descriptions with easy to search for keywords and hashtags is great.
      Google+ – Bold headline, at least a few lines of why the post is useful, reference the author with +author, add link and hashtags
      Hope that helps