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Google Analytics Academy – Become a Guru

google analytics academy

I just read about this an hour ago and thought what better way to share than a quick post.

Analytics and Google Analytics specifically is something we all probably use, on a daily or at least weekly basis.

But how much do you really know about it?

How well do you really make use of all that data?

The New Google Analytics Academy

Google has just announced an online course to make you a Google Analytics Guru.

Or at least a would be ninja.

The course registration has already been opened, so go ahead and at least get on board.

You need to have a Google Account of course, and it would be obviously beneficial to have Analytics :>

The first lessons are being released on October 8th.

What can the Google Analytics Academy do for you?

The following is copied from the course outline and shows what the highlights are and what each unit will contain


  • An overview of today’s digital measurement landscape
  • Guidance on how to build an effective measurement plan
  • Best practices for collecting actionable data
  • Descriptions of key digital measurement concepts, terminology and analysis techniques
  • Deep-dives into Google Analytics reports with specific examples for evaluating your digital marketing performance

The course unit contents

  •  Unit 1 – Course overview
  •  Unit 2 – Getting started with digital analytics
  •  Unit 3 – Understanding and using Google Analytics data
  •  Unit 4 – Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics
  •  Unit 5 – Navigating Google Analytics reports
  •  Unit 6 – Navigating Conversions reports

So without knowing the details you can see that the course will teach you a lot of useful and actionable stuff.

What sort of content is in the course?

Google has made quite an effort on this from what I can see and they intend to include

  • Web content
  • Video content
  • Unit based tests
  • Expert Hangouts
  • Analytics Community

Some final thoughts

At the end of it all you can take a final course exam for certification. Why not get yourself a Google Certification I say!

People love courses, certifications and experts, so your customers will love it and you will learn a lot from it too.

Go register now and you can start it next week or at your own pace afterwards.

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34 responses to “Google Analytics Academy – Become a Guru”

  1. Hi Ashley,
    Its good to see the launch of a course by Google on Google Analytics but I doubt about its usability for most of the bloggers. The reason is simple because most of us are self learners and whatever we have learned in this blogging arena is through each other, by interacting, talking and sharing our knowledge with each other. There is no doubt that the course may turn out to be a great hit amongst people, who would like to go through a short way, by learning from someone and then practicing it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the topic.

    • Interesting point of view Ashutosh. I guess you also spurn books and university then :>
      Of course many bloggers and experienced users have a lot to say and share on the web, but I would think that the makers of the tool can also shed some light on the topic that many cannot.

      • Not at all Ashley.
        I am not spurning anything at all and my apologies, if my thoughts had been considered in that direction.
        My viewpoint is very different where I believe that gaining Knowledge is not dependent only on a particular channel and the perspective varies from person to person. There is no doubt that learning from the experts saves our time by offering us much more knowledge in a short span of time.
        Everyone has a different approach towards learning and as per my experiences, self learning is the best form of learning, at least for me.

        • No problem, was only mentioned with a bit of tongue in cheek as it sounded that way, but I assumed you meant otherwise.

          We do all learn differently for sure, and absorbing things from fellow bloggers is often far more practical and helpful than plowing through tonnes of information to find the hidden gems.

          i will let you know how the course goes – perhaps I write some posts on it and you can learn from my studying :>

          take care and stay in touch

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Ashley, It’s great that Google is offering Analytics Academy. Google has been so closed about its search algorithms that perhaps this will offer some insights into their methods.

    I think this will be especially helpful for SEO experts who can show their certification as evidence of their expertise.

    • Hi Carolyn, who knows what insights we will gain, but it will put me on track to do something more solid in this area than what I currently do :>
      And maybe we will do better at SEO as a result, let’s see!

  3. Diana says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Ashley!

    I saw a few days ago the invite in my mailbox from google (i guess they send out emails to everyone who has accoints) but then totally forgot about it.

    I would LOVE to get certified… not so much because of the certification but because i am a bit tired of learning everything by trying it and finding out what errors i made LOL. I agree with Ashutosh’s first comment that we (bloggers) learn from each other and on the fly but i like to think this kind of courses will give us some kind of methodology to follow and learn everything (if there i such thing?!) from the first time.

    Besides, google analytics is in huge demand on the freelance arena now – you just helped me add it to my portfolio and skills (if i go through with the course, of course!). I recently was talking to a friend of mine who really want to try the freelance lifestyle but has no idea what he can do… and he is super interested in tracking all things happening – so this course will be a great chance for him too!

    Thanks again for the reminder and the great post, Ashley! sending some social media love your way, too 😉

    • No worries Diana, I must have missed the mail amongst all the other junk I get in my Mad Lemmings account – hence it is used for business. My personal account is a little cleaner. I actually just stumbled across this on Twitter and thought – why not promote this. People will love it. Including me.
      We can always learn something new and having a certificate always looks good regardless of what it really means. I am also double Sun certified in Java, but that never really made me a much better programmer – it was the practice and real life that did that :> And here I am blogging and doing Social media!

  4. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Ashley

    This looks like something I’d be interested in.

    I saw something pop up when I logged into Google Analytics earlier today about it ignored it! I’m glad I read your post.

    I’m enrolled and ready to go!

  5. Tom Jamieson says:

    Hi Ashley – very cool that this is going to happen. I signed up yesterday and am looking forward to learning more. Thanks for sharing about it and have a great day!

  6. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Ashley,

    The Google Analytics academy can be a great thing for anyone who is deeply involved with SEO. I have just started learning more about how to use it and if I ever decide to go deeper into the learning, I will definitely check out this academy.

    Thanks for sharing, I would’ve never known about it had I not read about it on your site. Have a great day.

    • Hey Susan, thanks for dropping by. Glad I could inform so many people about this opportunity, that was actually the main reason for this post. I thought it had slipped most of us by. See you in the course!

  7. I signed up for this, then realized that I don’t care to know about this stuff.

    Plus, certification costs $50.

    You also have to renew it every 18 months.

    Sorry, this is not for me.

    • Hey Lorraine, I guess this is not really your cup of tea and the payment – well that is only if you want the certificate, the information and course participation is free.

  8. Pramod says:

    The Certification sounds interesting . It can be useful for people who wanna make their career in SEO .Companies do consider certifications from top companies during their process of hiring an employee . I will sign into the academy and spend some time there . Thanks for making us aware of this service.


    • Hey Pramod, It will be fun to see how good this course is and what we can all learn from it. If nothing else we will see Google’s take on Analytics and how best to your their tools

  9. Adrienne says:

    Maybe with all the changes Google continues to make they thought what better way to educate everyone then to do a course and teach them how to use Google Analytics Ashley. Sounds like a smart thing to do to me.

    I’m definitely no pro in this area and I have a feeling there is something I could learn here. Finding the time is the real issue, surprise.

    Thanks for this heads up though, I’ll have to think about this one. I mean it would benefit me I’m sure.


    • Hey Adrienne, hope you find some time to get over to the course and I think you will find we can all support each other as it seems half the people we know will be at least dipping their small toe in on this one!

  10. This can’t come a moment too soon. I watch my analytics like a hawk, I just wish I knew what the hell I was looking at. I am slooowly learning, but it will be nice to finally learn what direction to move and watch the meaty stuff.

    • Hey Steve, learning more and from the creators themselves is always I good thing in my eyes. Let’s see how it goes starting on the 8th. I might even try to come up with a way to support each other on this as a lot of bloggers I know seem to be wanting to sign up.

  11. Silviu says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Google analytics is an important part of our work. We need or will need data to improve our business. This is a kind of course that looks interesting. The only thing I am afraid of is … Google. As far as I know, those guys are extraordinary, powerful experts that know very well what they are doing. However, when it comes to explaining things to a non-techie guy (and most of us are non-techie) they are not so good anymore.
    There is always the danger to join such a course and not understand a thing of what they are saying.

    However, the course look very appealing and I think I will join.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    • Hey Silviu, Of course it is still a bit unknown how this course will be in terms of content – but it’s kind of exciting too right :> If it gets too crazy technical, and I can’t imagine it will because it is not programming or web design, then I can always try to help you out. I was thinking we need to get a support group going amongst the Triberr team anyway as most of us seem to be going to do the course!

  12. Ashley,
    This is the first I’ve heard of this. So, thanks so much for sharing this with us (and thanks to Silviu for sharing your post on Facebook). I think this is right up my alley and $50 for certification sounds reasonable (other than the fact that it’s Google and not another vendor). Then, as you pointed out, the course itself is free. I’m signing up tomorrow.

    • Hi Sherryl, awesome! glad you found the post useful – it seems to have had the desired effect, and reached a lot of people. We will all become Analytics experts :>

  13. Leora says:

    This is certainly a course I should take. Even if you think you know a topic, if you take a course (a good one), you learn so much more.

    Problem is, I’ve taking an Illustrator course. I’m trying to do it on top of my work. I think I should concentrate on that one before signing up for a new one. It’s a really good course – through Skillshare. I wish I got to meet some participants in person, however. People don’t seem to interact. I tried leaving comments on other projects, and no one else is really doing that.

  14. I’m always curious about stuff like this. I imagine the course would be useful to anyone who blogs seriously or has an online business or an online component to their business. I don’t have the time needed to do the course now, but it’s also possible that once they have run the course a few times they may make a little more accessible for the non-techy types like me. Perhaps you’ll share your findings?

    • Hi Debra, well it starts today so if and when I get a chance (lots of guest posting lately) I will pop over and check out the first videos! Thanks for signing up too my blog

  15. […] to Ashley Faulkes of for this week’s SEO find, Google Analytics Academy – Become a Guru. This free online training course opened on October 8th and it ends on October 30th, 2013 at 11:59 […]

  16. This is a great article as I was not having any idea of Analytics Academy. I will definitely signup as I am very week in using GA & I hope it will give me great benefits. Course content seems to be very attractive.

    • Thanks Pritam
      I have started it and it gives a lot of theory in the beginning, then gets into the practical. It is quite good. of course it is all dependent on what your needs are, but I am sure you will learn something.
      I will write a post about the course when I am done :>